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HP 9304m Installation And Getting Started Manual: Configuring Static Mac Entries

Procurve routing switches.
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To change the aging period for MAC addresses from the default value of 300 seconds to 600 seconds:
HP9300(config)# mac-age-time 600
Syntax: [no] mac-age-time <age-time>
The <age-time> can be 0 or a number from 67 – 65535.
To change the aging period for MAC addresses to 600 seconds:
Log on to the device using a valid user name and password for read-write access. The System configuration
panel is displayed.
Select the Advance link.
Enter the new age in the Switch Age Time field. You can enter a value from 0 – 65535.
Click Apply to save the changes to the device's running-config file.
Select the Save link at the bottom of the dialog. Select Yes when prompted to save the configuration change
to the startup-config file on the device's flash memory.

Configuring Static MAC Entries

Static MAC addresses can be assigned to HP Routing Switches.
NOTE: HP Routing Switches also support the assignment of static IP Routes, static ARP, and static RARP
entries. For details on configuring these types of static entries, see the "Configuring Static Routes" and "Creating
Static ARP Entries" sections in the "Configuring IP" chapter of the Advanced Configuration and Management
Guide .
You can manually input the MAC address of a device to prevent it from being aged out of the system address
This option can be used to prevent traffic for a specific device, such as a server, from flooding the network with
traffic when it is down. Additionally, the static MAC address entry is used to assign higher priorities to specific
MAC addresses.
You can specify port priority (QoS) and VLAN membership (VLAN ID) for the MAC Address as well as specify
device type of either router or host.
NOTE: The device type parameter "router" or "host" is not supported on routers when assigning static MAC
addresses. This parameter is available only on switches.
The default and maximum configurable MAC table sizes can differ depending on the device. To determine the
default and maximum MAC table sizes for your device, display the system parameter values. See "Displaying and
Modifying System Parameter Default Settings" on page 4-40.
To add a static entry for a server with a MAC address of 1145.5563.67FF and a priority of 7 to port 2 of module 1
of an HP 9304M, HP 9308M, or HP 9315M Routing Switch:
HP9300(config)# static-mac-address 1145.5563.67FF e 1/2 priority 7
Syntax: [no] static-mac-address <mac-addr> ethernet <portnum> [to <portnum> ethernet <portnum>]
[normal-priority | high-priority] [host-type | router-type | fixed-host]
The priority can be 0 – 7 (0 is lowest priority and 7 is highest priority).
The default priority is 0. The default type is host-type.
Configuring Basic Features
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