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Wireless 802.11 Advanced Page - Motorola SURFboard SVG1501E User Manual

Wireless voice gateway series
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Wireless 802.11 Advanced Page

Configure data rates and Wi-Fi thresholds.
Field Descriptions for the Wireless 802.11 Advanced Page
54g™ Mode
Basic Rate Set
54g™ Protection
XPress™ Technology
9 • Wireless Pages
Sets these network modes:
54g Auto
54g Performance
54g LRS
802.11b only
54g Auto accepts 54g, 802.11g, and 802.11b clients but
optimizes performance based on the type of connected
clients. 54g Performance accepts only 54g clients and
provides the highest performance throughout; nearby 802.11b
networks may have degraded performance. 54g LRS
interoperates with the widest variety of 54g, 802.11g, and
802.11b clients. 802.11b accepts only 802.11b clients.
Determines which rates are advertised as basic rates. Default
uses the driver defaults. "All" sets all available rates as basic
Improves performance in Auto mode using RTS/CTS
protection in mixed 802.11g + 802.11b networks. Turn
protection off to maximize 802.11g throughput under most
Enhances Wi-Fi throughput and efficiency used when there
are mixed wireless networks in the surrounding area from
802.11a/b/g networks.

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