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Motorola SURFboard SVG1501E User Manual page 61

Wireless voice gateway series
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Afterburner™ Technology
Output Power
Beacon Interval
DTIM Interval
Fragmentation Threshold
RTS Threshold
9 • Wireless Pages
Enhances Wi-Fi 802.11g standard by increasing throughput by
40 percent.
Forces the transmission rate for the AP to a particular speed.
"Auto" provides best performance in nearly all situations.
Sets the output power as a percentage of the hardware's
maximum capability.
Sets the beacon interval for the AP. The default is 100, which
is fine for nearly all applications.
Sets the wakeup interval for clients in Power Save mode.
When a client is running in Power Save mode, Lower
SVG1501 bin values provide higher performance but result in
decreased client battery life; higher values provide lower
performance but increased client battery life.
Sets the fragmentation threshold. Packets exceeding this
threshold are fragmented into packets smaller than the
threshold before packet transmission.
Sets the RTS threshold. Packets exceeding this threshold
cause the AP to perform an RTS/CTS exchange to reserve the
wireless medium before packet transmission.

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