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Installing Wireless Clients - Motorola SURFboard SVG1501E User Manual

Wireless voice gateway series


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Motorola recommends using WPA instead of WEP if all of your wireless clients support
WPA encryption. WPA advantages include:
Stronger encryption and more secure
Authentication to ensure that only authorized users can log in to your WLAN
Easier configuration
Standard algorithm on all compliant products to generate a key from a textual
Incorporation into the new IEEE 802.11i wireless networking standard
For new wireless LANs, Motorola recommends purchasing client adapters that support
WPA encryption.

Installing Wireless Clients

Note: Use the SVG1501 Installation CD-ROM to set client security. The
passcode is located on the gateway label.
For each wireless client computer, follow the instructions supplied with the adapter and
the steps below to install the wireless adapter:
1. Insert the CD-ROM for the adapter in the CD-ROM drive on the client.
2. Install the device software from the CD.
3. Insert the adapter in the PCMCIA or PCI slot or connect it to the USB port.
4. Configure the adapter to obtain an IP address automatically.
On a PC with Wireless Client Manager installed, the
Windows task bar. Double-click the icon to launch the utility. You may need to do the
following to use a wireless client computer to access the Internet:
If You:
Configured WPA on the SVG1501
Configured WEP on the SVG1501
Configured the Wireless Network Name
on the SVG1501
Configured a MAC Access Control List
on the SVG1501
9 • Wireless Pages
Configuring Wireless Clients
You Need to do this on each client,:
Configure a Wireless Client for WPA or WPA2
Configure a Wireless Client for WEP
Configure a Wireless Client with the Network
Name (SSID)
No client configuration required
icon is displayed on the

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