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Overview; Contact Information; Standard Features - Motorola SURFboard SVG1501E User Manual

Wireless voice gateway series


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The Motorola SURFboard
with one or more computers capable of wireless connectivity for remote access to the
wireless voice gateway.
This user guide provides product overview and set-up information for the SVG1501. It
also provides instructions for installing the wireless voice gateway and configuring the
wireless LAN, Ethernet, router, DHCP, and security settings.
Note: All references to the SVG1501 used throughout this guide also
apply to the SVG1501U, SVG1501E, and SVG1501UE, unless noted
otherwise. All SVG1501U references also apply to the SVG1501UE.

Contact Information

For any questions or assistance with the SVG1501 Wireless Voice Gateway, contact
your Internet Service provider.
For information on customer service, technical support, or warranty claims; see the
Motorola SVG1501 Software License, Warranty, Safety, and Regulatory Information
card provided with the SVG1501 Wireless Voice Gateway.

Standard Features

The SVG1501 Wireless Voice Gateway offers the following features:
Combination of five separate products in one compact unit — a DOCSIS
modem, IEEE 802.11g wireless access point (Wi-Fi
10/100Base-T connections, two VoIP Internet telephone connections, and firewall
Advanced firewall for enhanced network security from undesired attacks over the
Data encryption and network access control for wireless transmissions
Easy wireless installation and security setup wizard
Integrated high-speed cable modem for continuous broadband access
One broadband connection for up to 245 computers
IEEE 802.11g wireless access for home or small networking
Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephone service with two telephone lines
Secure Wireless Fidelity (Wi-Fi) broadband connection for Wi-Fi enabled devices
1 • Overview
SVG1501 Wireless Voice Gateway can be used in households


2.0 cable
certified), Ethernet

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Table of Contents

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