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Basic Setup Page - Motorola SURFboard SVG1501E User Manual

Wireless voice gateway series


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View and configure SVG1501 IP-related configuration data, including Network
Configuration, WAN Connection Type, DHCP, and DDNS in Basic Pages. The Backup
option allows you to save a copy of your SVG1501 configuration on your computer

Basic Setup Page

Configure the basic features of your SVG1501 gateway related to your ISP connection.
NAPT mode
5 • Basic Pages
Field Descriptions for the Basic Setup Page
NAPT is a special case of NAT, where many IP numbers are hidden
behind a number of addresses. In contrast to the original NAT,
however, this does not mean there can be only that number of
connections at a time.
In NAPT mode, an almost arbitrary number of connections are
multiplexed using TCP port information. The number of simultaneous
connections is limited by the number of addresses multiplied by the
number of available TCP ports.
Basic Pages

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