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Advanced Pages; Advanced Options Page - Motorola SURFboard SVG1501E User Manual

Wireless voice gateway series


Table of Contents
Configure IP Filtering, MAC Filtering, Port Filtering, Port Forwarding, Port Triggers, DMZ
Host, and Routing Information Protocol (RIP) Setup.
Click any Advanced submenu option to view or change the advanced configuration
information for that option.

Advanced Options Page

Set the operating modes for adjusting how the SVG1501 device routes IP traffic.
WAN Blocking
IPsec PassThrough
6 • Advanced Pages
Field Descriptions for the Advanced Options Page
Prevents the SVG1501 Configuration Manager or the PCs
behind it from being visible to other computers on the
SVG1501 WAN.
Select Enable to turn on.
Enables the IPsec Pass-Through protocol to be used through
the SVG1501 Configuration Manager so that a VPN device
(or software) may communicate properly with the WAN.
Select Enable to turn on.

Advanced Pages


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