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Motorola SURFboard SVG1202 User Manual

Motorola SURFboard SVG1202 User Manual

Wireless voice gateway
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  • Page 1 User Guide Motorola SURFboard ® SVG1202 Wireless Voice Gateway...
  • Page 2 Motorola Mobility, Inc. Motorola Mobility reserves the right to revise this publication and to make changes in content from time to time without obligation on the part of Motorola Mobility to provide notification of such revision or change. Motorola Mobility provides this guide without warranty of any kind, implied or expressed, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.
  • Page 3: Safety And Regulatory Information

    Safety and Regulatory Information IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS Read This Before You Begin — When using your telephone equipment, basic safety precautions should always be followed to reduce the risk of fire, electric shock, and injury to persons, including the following: •...
  • Page 4: Caring For The Environment By Recycling

    CARING FOR THE ENVIRONMENT BY RECYCLING When you see this symbol on a Motorola product, do not dispose of the product with residential or commercial waste.
  • Page 5 SECURITY WARNING: This device allows you to create a wireless network. Wireless network connections may be accessible by unauthorized users. For more information on how to protect your, see the SVG1202 User Guide for instructions or visit the Motorola unauthorized users. For more information on how to protect your network, see the SVG1202 User Guide for instructions or visit the websits.
  • Page 6: Table Of Contents

    Contents Safety and Regulatory Information ........................i Getting Started ..............................1 Inside the Box ................................. 1 Minimum System Requirements ..........................1 Contact Information ..............................1 Product Overview ..............................2 Front Panel ................................2 Rear Panel ................................3 MAC Label ................................3 Connecting the Gateway ............................
  • Page 7 Basic Pages ................................18 Basic Setup Page ..............................18 Basic DHCP Page ..............................19 Basic DDNS Page ..............................20 Basic Backup Page ..............................21 Restoring Your SVG1202 Configuration......................21 Backing Up Your SVG1202 Configuration ....................... 21 Advanced Pages ..............................22 Advanced Options Page ............................
  • Page 8 Solutions ................................46 Front Panel LEDs and Error Conditions ......................... 47 Warranty Information ............................48 SVG1202 Wireless Voice Gateway • User Guide...
  • Page 9: Getting Started

    Inside the Box Before installing the gateway, check that the following items are included in the box with the gateway. If any items are missing, please contact Motorola Broadband Technical Support at 1-877-466-8646. ITEM DESCRIPTION Power Supply...
  • Page 10: Product Overview

    Product Overview Front Panel BLINKING ON (SOLID) POWER Not applicable — icon does not flash Green: Power is properly connected RECEIVE Scanning for a downstream Green: Non-bonded downstream channel (receive) channel connection is connected SEND Scanning for an upstream (send) Green: Non-bonded upstream channel is channel connection connected...
  • Page 11: Rear Panel

    Rear Panel PORT/CONNECTOR DESCRIPTION TEL 1 VoIP connection for a single or two-line telephone TEL 2 VoIP connection for a single-line telephone ETHERNET Ethernet port for an RJ-45 cable connection RESET Resets the gateway; may take from 5 to 30 minutes to scan and connect to the appropriate communications channels Press and hold the RESET switch for five seconds or...
  • Page 12: Connecting The Gateway

    Connecting the Gateway This product is for indoor use only. Do not route the Ethernet cable or telephone cord outside of the building. Exposure of the cables to lightning could create a safety hazard and damage the product. Installing the SVG1202 Before installing the gateway, choose a location where the computer and gateway are preferably near existing cable and electrical wall outlets.
  • Page 13: Testing The Connections

    9. For a second telephone, plug the telephone cord of a single-line telephone into the Tel 2 port on the gateway. 10. Check that the LEDs on the front panel cycle through one by one in the following sequence: SVG1202 LED Activity During Startup DESCRIPTION POWER Turns solid green when AC power is connected to the gateway.
  • Page 14 • It is recommended that you mount the gateway to concrete, masonry, a wooden stud, or some other solid wall material. Use anchor bolts if necessary (for example, if you mount the unit on drywall). 4. Position and secure the wall mounting template on the wall to mark the holes. 5.
  • Page 15: Wall Mounting Template

    Wall Mounting Template SVG1202 Wireless Voice Gateway • User Guide...
  • Page 16: Connecting To The Internet

    Connecting to the Internet Before You Begin To prevent unauthorized user access, change the default username and password before proceeding. See Changing the SVG1202 Default Password for more information. For security reasons, DO NOT configure your SVG1202 Wireless Voice Gateway over a wireless network connection.
  • Page 17: Configuring Tcp/Ip For Windows Xp

    9. Select Internet Protocol Version4 (TCP/IPv4) and then click Properties. 10. Verify that the Obtain an IP address automatically and Obtain DNS server address automatically options are both selected. 11. Click Advanced. Use the following table to verify the Advanced TCP/IP Settings: IP SETTINGS TAB DNS TAB WINS TAB...
  • Page 18: Renewing The Ip Address In Windows Xp

    Renewing the IP Address in Windows XP 1. Click Start and then click Run. 2. Type and click OK to open a command prompt window. 3. Type and press Enter. A new IP address for your computer will display. ipconfig /renew 4.
  • Page 19: Monitoring Your Gateway

    3. Type the default username and password. Both entries are case-sensitive. Username: admin Password: motorola 4. Click Login to open the SVG1202 Configuration Manager (CMGR). The following SVG1202 Status page displays: Note: If you cannot access the HTML pages in the Gateway Configuration Manager, please contact your service provider for assistance.
  • Page 20: Svg1202 Menu Options Bar

    SVG1202 Menu Options Bar The SVG1202 Menu Options bar is displayed at the top of the SVG1202 Configuration Manager window. Configuration Manager Menu Options Bar MENU OPTIONS FUNCTION Status Provides information about the gateway hardware and software, MAC address, voice gateway IP address, serial number, and related information.
  • Page 21: Changing The Svg1202 Default Password

    2. Log in again using the following defaults. Note that both entries are case-sensitive. User name: admin Password: motorola Getting Help To retrieve help information for any menu option, click help on that page. Exiting the SVG1202 Configuration Manager To log off and close the SVG1202 Configuration Manager: •...
  • Page 22: Status Pages

    Status Pages Use the SVG1202 Status pages to get information about the gateway hardware and software, MAC address, gateway IP address, serial number; and to monitor the gateway system connection, access additional diagnostic tools, and change your gateway user name and password. Status Software Page Displays status information for the gateway software.
  • Page 23: Status Security Page

    Status Security Page Define administrator access privileges by changing your gateway user name and password, and reset your user name and password to the default setting. See Changing the SVG1202 Default Password Restoring Factory Defaults for more information. Status Diagnostics Page Use the following diagnostic tools to troubleshoot IP connectivity problems: •...
  • Page 24: Traceroute Utility

    Testing Network Connectivity with the SVG1202 Perform the following test to check connectivity between the gateway and other devices on the SVG1202 LAN: 1. Select Ping LAN from the Select Utility drop-down list. 2. Enter the IP address of the computer you want to Ping in the Target field. 3.
  • Page 25: Status Event Log Page

    Status Event Log Page Review critical system events in chronological order in the SNMP Event log. Status Configuration Page Reboot the gateway after making any configuration changes. SVG1202 Wireless Voice Gateway • User Guide...
  • Page 26: Basic Pages

    Basic Pages View and configure SVG1202 IP-related configuration data, including Network Configuration, WAN Connection Type, DHCP, and DDNS in Basic Pages. The Backup option allows you to save a copy of the SVG1202 configuration on your computer. Basic Setup Page Configure the basic features of the SVG1202 gateway related to your service provider’s connection.
  • Page 27: Basic Dhcp Page

    FIELD DESCRIPTION WAN (continued) Duration Describes how long before your Internet connection expires. The WAN lease will automatically renew itself when it expires. Expires Displays the exact time and date the WAN lease expires. Release WAN Lease Click to release WAN lease. Renew WAN Lease Click to renew WAN lease.
  • Page 28: Basic Ddns Page

    Field Descriptions for the Basic DHCP Page FIELD DESCRIPTION DHCP Server Select to enable the SVG1202 DHCP Server. Select to disable the SVG1202 DHCP Server. Starting Local Address Enter the starting IP address to be assigned by the SVG1202 DHCP server to clients in dotted-decimal format.
  • Page 29: Basic Backup Page

    Basic Backup Page Save your current SVG1202 configuration settings locally on your computer or restore previously saved configurations. Restoring Your SVG1202 Configuration 1. Type the path and file name of the backup file located on your computer, or click Browse to locate the file.
  • Page 30: Advanced Pages

    Advanced Pages Configure IP Filtering, MAC Filtering, Port Filtering, Port Forwarding, Port Triggers, DMZ Host, and Routing Information Protocol (RIP) Setup. Click any Advanced submenu option to view or change the advanced configuration information for it. Advanced Options Page Set the operating modes for adjusting how the SVG1202 device routes IP traffic. Field Descriptions for the Advanced Options Page FIELD DESCRIPTION...
  • Page 31 FIELD DESCRIPTION Remote Config Allows remote access to the SVG1202 Configuration Manager. This Management enables you to configure the SVG1202 WAN by accessing the WAN IP address at Port 8080 of the configuration manager from anywhere on the Internet. For example, in the browser URL window, type http://WanIPAddress:8080/ to access the SVG1202 Configuration Manager remotely.
  • Page 32: Advanced Ip Filtering Page

    Advanced IP Filtering Page Define which local computers will be denied access to the SVG1202 WAN by configuring IP address filters to block Internet traffic to specific network devices on the LAN. You enter the LSB (Least- significant byte) of the IP address; the upper bytes of the IP address are set automatically from the SVG1202 Configuration Manager’s IP address.
  • Page 33: Advanced Mac Filtering Page

    Advanced MAC Filtering Page Define up to 20 Media Access Control (MAC) address filters to prevent computers from sending outgoing TCP/UDP traffic to the WAN via their MAC addresses. The MAC address of a specific NIC card never changes, unlike its IP address which can be assigned via the DHCP server or hard-coded to various addresses over time.
  • Page 34: Advanced Port Filtering Page

    Advanced Port Filtering Page Define port filters to prevent all devices from sending outgoing TCP/UDP traffic to the WAN on specific IP port numbers. Specify a starting and ending port range to determine what TCP/UDP traffic is allowed out to the WAN on a per port basis. Note: The specified port ranges are blocked for ALL computers.
  • Page 35: Advanced Port Forwarding Page

    Advanced Port Forwarding Page Run a publicly accessible server on the LAN by specifying the mapping of TCP/UDP ports to a local computer. This enables incoming requests on specific port numbers to reach web servers, FTP servers, mail servers, etc. so that they can be accessible from the public Internet. Commonly used Port numbers: To map a port, enter the range of port numbers that should be forwarded locally and the IP address to which traffic to those ports should be sent.
  • Page 36: Advanced Port Triggers Page

    Advanced Port Triggers Page Configure dynamic triggers to specific devices on the LAN. This allows for special applications that require specific port numbers with bi-directional traffic to function properly. Applications such as video conferencing, voice, gaming, and some messaging program features may require these special settings.
  • Page 37: Advanced Dmz Host Page

    Advanced DMZ Host Page Specify the default recipient of WAN traffic that NAT is unable to translate to a known local computer. The DMZ (De-militarized Zone) is a computer or small subnetwork located outside the firewall, between the trusted internal private LAN and the untrusted public Internet, that prevents direct access by outside users to private data.
  • Page 38: Firewall Pages

    Firewall Pages Use the Firewall Pages to configure the firewall filters and firewall alert notifications. The firewall protects the SVG1202 LAN from undesired attacks and other intrusions from the Internet. The firewall: • Maintains state data for every TCP/IP session on the OSI network and transport layers. •...
  • Page 39: Firewall Local Log Page

    Firewall Local Log Page Set up notification of the firewall event log in either of the following formats: • Individual e-mail alerts sent each time the firewall is under attack • Local log stored within the gateway and displayed on the Local Log page Firewall Remote Log Page Send firewall attack reports to a standard SysLog server so multiple instances can be logged over a period of time.
  • Page 40: Parental Control Pages

    Parental Control Pages Use Parental Control Pages to configure access restrictions to a specific device connected to the SVG1202 LAN. Parental Control User Setup Page Link each user to a specified time-access rule, content filtering rule, and login. You may also specify a user as a “trusted user”...
  • Page 41: Parental Control Basic Setup Page

    FIELD DESCRIPTION Re-Enter Password Enter the password again for confirmation. Trusted User Select users who will have full access to Internet content. Enable Select to override set filters without having to turn off filter settings. Content Rule Specify which websites each user is allowed to access. White List Access Only, then Select choose a user from the...
  • Page 42: Parental Control Time Of Day Filter Page

    Parental Control Time of Day Filter Page Block all Internet traffic to and from specified devices on your SVG1202 network based on day and time settings. You can block Internet traffic for the entire day or for certain times within each day for specific users.
  • Page 43: Wireless Pages

    Wireless Pages To configure your wireless LAN (WLAN), click any Wireless submenu option to view or change the configuration information for that option. WPA or WPA2 encryption provides higher security than WEP encryption, but older wireless client cards may not support the newer WPA or WPA2 encryption methods.
  • Page 44: Wireless 802.11 Primary Network Page

    Wireless 802.11 Primary Network Page Configure your primary wireless network. Field Descriptions for the Wireless 802.11 Primary Network Page FIELD DESCRIPTION Primary Network When Enabled, transmits beacon frames with the Primary Network SSID. Sets the Network Name (SSID) of the Primary wireless network Network Name (SSID) using a 1-32 ASCII character string.
  • Page 45 FIELD DESCRIPTION WPA Pre-Shared Key Sets the WPA Pre-Shared Key (PSK); either an 8-63 ASCII character Show Key string or a 64-digit hex number. This is specified when the Network Authentication method is WPA-PSK. Show Key - displays the WPA Pre-Shared Key. RADIUS Server Sets the RADIUS server IP address to use for client authentication using the dotted-decimal format (
  • Page 46: Wireless 802.11 Advanced Page

    Wireless 802.11 Advanced Page Configure data rates and Wi-Fi thresholds. Field Descriptions for the Wireless 802.11 Advanced Page FIELD DESCRIPTION 54g™ Mode Sets these network modes: 54g Auto, 54g Performance, 54g LRS, and 802.11b only 54g Auto accepts 54g, 802.11g, and 802.11b clients but optimizes performance based on the type of connected clients.
  • Page 47: Wireless 802.11 Access Control Page

    FIELD DESCRIPTION DTIM Interval Sets the wakeup interval for clients in Power Save mode. When a client is running in Power Save mode, lower SVG1202 bin values provide higher performance but result in decreased client battery life; higher values provide lower performance but increased client battery life. Fragmentation Threshold Sets the fragmentation threshold.
  • Page 48: Wireless 802.11 Wi-Fi Multimedia Page

    Wireless 802.11 Wi-Fi Multimedia Page Configure the Wi-Fi Multimedia Quality of Service (QoS). Field Descriptions for the Wireless 802.11 Wi-Fi Multimedia Page FIELD DESCRIPTION WMM Support Sets WMM support to Auto, On or Off. If enabled (Auto or on), WME Information Element is included in beacon frames.
  • Page 49: Wireless 802.11 Bridging Page

    Wireless 802.11 Bridging Page Enable wireless bridging. Field Descriptions for the Wireless 802.11 Bridging Page FIELD DESCRIPTION Wireless Bridging Enable or disable wireless bridging. Remote Bridges Build a table of remote bridge MAC addresses authorized to establish a wireless bridge. You can connect up to four remote bridges. Typically, you must enter your AP’s MAC address on the remote bridge.
  • Page 50: Encrypting Wireless Lan Transmissions

    Otherwise, configure WEP on the gateway You must configure the identical WEP key on the gateway and on each wireless client. Motorola recommends using WPA instead of WEP if all of your wireless clients support WPA encryption. WPA advantages include: •...
  • Page 51: Installing A Wireless Client For Wpa

    You may need to do the following to use a wireless client computer to access the Internet: Configuring Wireless Clients IF YOU: YOU NEED TO DO THIS ON EACH CLIENT,: Configured WPA on the gateway Configure a Wireless Client for WPA or WPA2 Configured WEP on the gateway Configure a Wireless Client for WEP Configured the Wireless Network Name...
  • Page 52: Mta Pages

    MTA Pages Use the Internet to make telephone calls. The Multimedia Terminal Adapter (MTA) supports basic telephone functions, such as three-way calling, voice mail, and fax transmissions. MTA Status Page Displays the initialization status of the MTA. MTA DHCP Page Displays the MTA DHCP lease information.
  • Page 53: Mta Qos Page

    MTA QoS Page Displays the MTA Quality of Service (QoS) parameters. SVG1202 Wireless Voice Gateway • User Guide...
  • Page 54: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting If the solutions listed here do not solve your problem, contact your service provider. You may have to reset the SVG1202 gateway configuration to its original factory settings if the gateway is not functioning properly. Note: Pressing RESET on the rear panel will restore the default settings. You will lose your custom configuration settings, including Parental Control, Firewall and Advanced settings.
  • Page 55: Front Panel Leds And Error Conditions

    Front Panel LEDs and Error Conditions The SVG1202 front panel LEDs provide status information for the following error conditions: Table 2 – Front Panel LEDs and Error Conditions ICON STATUS IF, DURING STARTUP IF, DURING NORMAL OPERATION POWER Gateway is not properly plugged into Gateway is unplugged the electrical outlet RECEIVE...
  • Page 56: Warranty Information

    Product for its installation and use. While every reasonable effort has been made to insure that you will receive a Product that you can use and enjoy, Motorola does not warrant that the functions of the Product will meet your requirements or that the operation of the Product will be uninterrupted or error-free.
  • Page 58 Motorola Mobility, Inc. 101 Tournament Drive Horsham, PA 19044 U.S.A. 585342-001-a 11/2011...

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