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Setting Up Your Wireless LAN

You can use the SVG1501 as an access point for a wireless LAN (WLAN) without
changing the default settings.
CAUTION: Prevent unauthorized eavesdropping or access by enabling
wireless security after your WLAN is operational. The default settings
provide no wireless security.
To enable security for your WLAN:
Encrypt wireless LAN transmissions
Restrict wireless LAN access to further prevent unauthorized WLAN intrusions using
Wireless 802.11 Access Control Page
CAUTION: Never provide your SSID, WPA or WEP passphrase, or WEP
key to anyone who is not authorized to use your WLAN.
Do not attempt to configure the SVG1501 over a wireless connection.
Connect at least one computer to the SVG1501 Ethernet port.
Configure each wireless client (station) to access the SVG1501.
Place wireless components away from windows. This decreases signal strength outside
the intended area.

Encrypting Wireless LAN Transmissions

To prevent unauthorized viewing of data transmitted over your WLAN, you must encrypt
your wireless transmissions. Choose one of the following:
Configure on the SVG1501
If all of your wireless clients support
Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA),
Motorola recommends configuring
WPA on the SVG1501
Otherwise, configure WEP on the
9 • Wireless Pages
Encrypting Wireless LAN Transmissions
Required on Each Wireless Client
If you use a local pre-shared key (WPA-PSK)
passphrase, you must configure the identical
passphrase on the SVG1501 and on each wireless
client. Home and small-office settings typically use a
local passphrase.
You must configure the identical WEP key on the
SVG1501 and on each wireless client.

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