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Protecting Your Wireless Network

Setting Up the DMZ Host

The DMZ (De-militarized Zone) is a computer or small sub-network located outside the firewall, between
the trusted internal private LAN and the untrusted public Internet that prevents direct access by outside
users to private data. DMZ host lets you specify the default recipient of WAN traffic that NAT is unable to
translate to a known local computer.
You can configure one computer to be the DMZ host. This setting is generally used for computers using
problem applications that use random port numbers and do not function correctly with specific port
triggers or the port forwarding setups. If you set up a computer as a DMZ Host, set this back to zero
when you are finished with the needed application, since this computer will be effectively exposed to the
public Internet, though still protected from Denial of Service (DoS) attacks via the Firewall.
For example, you can set up a web server on a DMZ computer to enable outside users to access your
website without exposing confidential data on your network.
A DMZ is also useful to play interactive games that may have a problem running through a firewall. You
can leave a computer used for gaming only exposed to the Internet while protecting the rest of your
To open the DMZ Host page:
1. Click Advanced on the SVG6x82 Menu Options bar.
2. Click DMZ Host from the Status submenu options.
3. Enter the last byte (from 10 to 254) of the IP address of the computer you want to set up as the
DMZ host.
4. Click Apply to activate the selected computer.
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Figure 15 – Advanced DMZ Host Page

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