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Parental Control Time Of Day Filter Page; Parental Control Local Log Page - Motorola SURFboard SVG1501E User Manual

Wireless voice gateway series


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Parental Control Time of Day Filter Page

Block all Internet traffic to and from specified devices on your SVG1501 network based
on day and time settings. You can block Internet traffic for the entire day or for certain
times within each day for specific users. You can add up to 30 categories (filter names)
with different day and time settings. You enter a name for each time filter in the Add
New Policy field.
Apply time filters for limited Internet access for each user in the Time Access Rule field
on the
Parental Control User Setup
After creating each new time of day policy, click Apply to store and activate the settings.
The same category names for blocking profiles appear in the Parental Control User Setup
page under the "Time Access Rule" section where each user can be assigned up to four
categories simultaneously.

Parental Control Local Log Page

Generate an event log that shows a running list of the last 30 Parental Control access
violations, including:
If the user's Internet access is blocked (time filter)
If a blocked keyword is detected in the URL
If a blocked domain is detected in the URL
If the online lookup service detects that the URL falls under a blocked category
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