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Svg1501 Lan Choices; Usb Connection (Svg1501U Only); Wireless Lan - Motorola SURFboard SVG1501E User Manual

Wireless voice gateway series


Table of Contents
Four 10/100Base-T Ethernet uplink ports supporting half- or full-duplex connections
with auto-MDIX capability
Universal Serial Bus (USB) connection for a single PC (SVG1501U models only)
Routing for a wireless LAN (WLAN) or a wired Ethernet LAN
Built-in DHCP server to configure a combined wired and/or wireless Class C private
Virtual private network (VPN) pass-through operation supporting IPSec, PPTP, or
L2TP to securely connect remote computers over the Internet
SVG1501 Configuration Manager (CMGR) which provides easy configuration of
wireless, Ethernet, router, DHCP, and security settings
Telephone modem and fax support
VoIP telephone service through your cable connection offering many traditional
telephone services, such as:
Local and long distance calling
Three-way calling

SVG1501 LAN Choices

You can connect up to 245 client computers to the SVG1501 using one or any
combination of the following network connections:
Universal Serial Bus (USB) – SVG1501U models only
Wireless LAN (WLAN)
Ethernet local area network (LAN)
Wi-Fi connections to Wi-Fi enabled devices

USB Connection (SVG1501U Only)

You can connect a single computer running Windows XP or Windows Vista to the
SVG1501U USB V2.0 port.

Wireless LAN

A wireless network eliminates the need for wiring to connect computers throughout the
home or office. Each computer or device on a WLAN must be Wi-Fi enabled with either
a built-in or external wireless adapter.
Laptops — Use a built-in wireless notebook adapter, a wireless PCMCIA slot adapter, or
a wireless USB adapter.
Desktops — Use a wireless PCI adapter, wireless USB adapter, or compatible product in
the PCI slot or USB port, respectively.
1 • Overview
Number redial
Speed dial
Caller ID, Call Waiting, Call Forwarding, and Call Return

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Table of Contents

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