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Advanced Mac Filtering Page; Setting A Mac Address Filter - Motorola SURFboard SVG1501E User Manual

Wireless voice gateway series
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Advanced MAC Filtering Page

Define up to 20 Media Access Control (MAC) address filters to prevent PCs from
sending outgoing TCP/UDP traffic to the WAN via their MAC addresses. The MAC
address of a specific NIC card never changes, unlike its IP address which can be
assigned via the DHCP server or hard-coded to various addresses over time.
MAC Addresses

Setting a MAC Address Filter

1. Enter the MAC address in the MAC Addresses field for the PC you want to block.
2. Click Add MAC Address.
3. Repeat above steps for up to twenty MAC addresses.
6 • Advanced Pages
Field Descriptions for the Advanced MAC Filtering Page
Media Access Control address — a unique set of 12 hexadecimal digits
assigned to a PC during manufacturing.

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