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Firewall Local Log Page; Firewall Remote Log Page - Motorola SURFboard SVG1501E User Manual

Wireless voice gateway series


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Select each Web filter you want to set for the firewall, and then click Apply. The Web
filters will activate without having to reboot the SVG1501 Configuration Manager.
Note: At least one Web filter or feature must be enabled for the firewall
to be active. Make sure the firewall is not disabled.

Firewall Local Log Page

Set up notification of the firewall event log in either of the following formats:
Individual e-mail alerts sent each time the firewall is under attack
Local log stored within the modem and displayed on the Local Log page

Firewall Remote Log Page

Send firewall attack reports to a standard SysLog server so multiple instances can be
logged over a period of time. Select individual attack or configuration items to send to
the SysLog server so that only the items of interest will be monitored. You can log
permitted connections, blocked connections, known Internet attack types, and CMRG
configuration events. The SysLog server must be on the same network as the Private
LAN behind the Configuration Manager (typically 192.168.0.x).
To activate the SysLog monitoring feature, check all desired event types to monitor and
enter the last byte of the IP address of the SysLog server. Normally, the IP address of
this SysLog server is hard-coded so that the address does not change and always agrees
with the entry on this page.
Permitted Connections
Blocked Connections
7 • Firewall Pages
Field Description for the Firewall Remote Log Page
Select to have the server e-mail you logs of who is
connecting to your network.
Select to have the server e-mail you logs of who is blocked
from connecting to your network.

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