Motorola SURFboard SVG2500 Quick Installation Manual

Motorola SURFboard SVG2500 Quick Installation Manual

Motorola wireless voice gateway quick installation guide
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Summary of Contents for Motorola SURFboard SVG2500

  • Page 2 Internet. The SVG2500 provides different network connection types. You can use a wireless or a wired connection (or a combination of the two) to connect your computers to the SVG2500. Your network can use one or any combination of: •...
  • Page 3: About This Guide

    Troubleshooting and help information This guide contains an overview only. For in-depth information, refer to the interactive SVG2500 User Guide on the SVG2500 SURFboard Wireless Voice Gateway Installation CD-ROM. If desired, you can print all or part of the user guide.
  • Page 4 SVG2500 SURFBOARD WIRELESS VOICE GATEWAY SVG2500 Network and Telephone Connections Networks are composed of multiple devices. The drawing below shows a sample SVG2500 connection diagram.
  • Page 5 Basic SVG2500 Network Requirements You can connect Microsoft ® Linux computers to the SVG2500 LAN using the following: • A connection to your cable TV system in your residence or business • A subscription from an Internet service provider •...
  • Page 6 SVG2500 SURFBOARD WIRELESS VOICE GATEWAY In addition, your computer must meet the following requirements: • PC with Pentium • 256 MB of memory • 10 MB of hard disk space available • Windows Macintosh, Linux, or UNIX operating system with operating...
  • Page 7: Installing The Battery

    NOTE: A backup battery is not available for some models of the SVG2500. Your Internet Service Provider determines if your SVG2500 is supplied with a battery. Place the SVG2500 on a soft surface to access the bottom of the unit. Pull up on the battery cover tab.
  • Page 8 SVG2500 SURFBOARD WIRELESS VOICE GATEWAY Align the key pins in the SVG2500 with the key slots on the battery for proper contact. The battery connectors should mate with the connectors on the SVG2500. Make sure the pull-tab is accessible and...
  • Page 9 Reinstall the battery cover with the alignment tabs seated downward. It may take up to 12 hours for the battery to reach full charge when: • It is installed for the first time. • It is replaced. • It is fully discharged. Battery back-up times may vary based on many factors, including the battery age, charging state, storing conditions, and operating temperature, as well as by factors such as data...
  • Page 10 Windows version, perform the procedures in the following sections in this guide: Ethernet Wireless For Macintosh or Linux computers, follow the instructions in the SVG2500 User Guide and the operating system documentation. A, B, and E A, C, and E A, D, and E...
  • Page 11 SVG2500. Connect one end of the DC power cord into the power connector on the SVG2500 and plug the other end into an AC wall outlet, surge protector, or UPS. This turns the SVG2500 on.
  • Page 12 SVG2500 SURFBOARD WIRELESS VOICE GATEWAY Direct connection to cable TV outlet...
  • Page 13 Connecting to the Cable Outlet Using a Splitter Connecting an SVG2500 to the same cable outlet as a TV requires a 5 to 900 MHz splitter and two additional coaxial cables. If a coaxial cable is already connecting your TV to the cable wall outlet, disconnect it from the TV.
  • Page 14 SVG2500 SURFBOARD WIRELESS VOICE GATEWAY Cable connection using a splitter...
  • Page 15: Ethernet Connections

    You can also connect Xbox SVG2500. You can use Ethernet hubs or routers to connect up to 245 computers and gaming machines to the SVG2500. Plug one end of the Ethernet cable into the Ethernet connector on the computer or gaming machine.
  • Page 16 SVG2500 SURFBOARD WIRELESS VOICE GATEWAY Sample Ethernet LAN Connections...
  • Page 17: Usb Connection

    C. USB Connection You can connect a single PC running Windows 2000, Windows XP, or Windows Vista to the SVG2500 USB port. The USB connection requires special driver software supplied on the SVG2500 Installation CD-ROM. Insert the SVG2500 Installation CD-ROM into the CD-ROM drive.
  • Page 18 SVG2500 SURFBOARD WIRELESS VOICE GATEWAY Sample USB connection...
  • Page 19: Wireless Network Setup

    USB, PCI, or PCMCIA port. To provide an initial wireless connection to your network and the Internet: Connect the SVG2500 to the cable TV system as described in Section A. On each wireless client computer, install the wireless adapter hardware and driver software according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Page 20 SVG2500 SURFBOARD WIRELESS VOICE GATEWAY Caution! The default SVG2500 settings provide no wireless security. After your wireless LAN is operational, be sure to enable security as described in the “SVG2500 Wireless Pages” section of the SVG2500 User Guide.
  • Page 21 SVG2500. Open the web browser on a computer connected to the SVG2500 over an Ethernet or USB connection. Note: Do not attempt to configure the SVG2500 over a wireless connection. In the Address or Location field of your browser, type and press Enter to display the Login window.
  • Page 22 SVG2500 SURFBOARD WIRELESS VOICE GATEWAY Click Login to display the SVG2500 Status Connection page. The SVG2500 Menu Options bar is displayed at the top of the SVG2500 Configuration Manager window. Use the Menu Options bar to select the top-level page for each SVG2500 Configuration Manager feature.
  • Page 23: Network Security

    Network Security The SVG2500 firewall and wireless security measures are disabled by default. Security for All LANs (Wired and Wireless) As soon as your network is operational, run the SVG2500 Configuration Manager: To Prevent Unauthorized configuration Internet attacks Eavesdropping For a wireless LAN only, also see “Security for Wireless LANs”...
  • Page 24 WPA. • Otherwise, configure a Wired Equivalency Privacy (WEP) key on the SVG2500 and each wireless client. You can use the same WEP key on the SVG2500 and any 802.11b/g wireless adapter. To further protect from unauthorized intrusions, you can: •...
  • Page 25 Wireless Security on the Clients After enabling wireless security on the SVG2500, as required on each wireless client: If you enabled WPA on the SVG2500, set the client WPA Passphrase identical to the WPA Passphrase on the SVG2500. If you enabled WEP on the SVG2500, set the client WEP key identical to the WEP key on the SVG2500.
  • Page 26: Telephone Installation

    Your SVG2500 allows you to use your cable Internet connection for VoIP telephone service. You must contact your Internet service provider for this feature to work with the SVG2500. You can connect up to two standard telephone lines using your SVG2500.
  • Page 27 QUICK INSTALLATION GUIDE Connect your telephone by plugging a phone wire into the TEL 1/2 connector as shown in the illustration below. You can also connect a second telephone line to the TEL 2 connector. A two-line telephone may be connected to TEL 1/2.
  • Page 28: Troubleshooting

    Your Internet service provider may require the MAC address labeled HFC MAC ID on the bottom of the SVG2500. For reference, you can write your HFC MAC ID here: 00 : ______ : ______ : ______ : ______ : ______...
  • Page 29: If You Need Help

    QUICK INSTALLATION GUIDE If You Need Help If you need assistance while working with the SVG2500, contact your Internet Service provider. For information about customer service, technical support, or warranty claims, see the Motorola Regulatory, Safety, Software License, and Warranty Information card provided with the SVG2500 User Guide.
  • Page 32 SVG2500 SURFBOARD WIRELESS VOICE GATEWAY © 2007 Motorola, Inc. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced in any form or by any means or used to make any derivative work (such as translation, transformation, or adaptation) without written permission from Motorola, Inc.

Table of Contents