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Motorola SURFboard SVG1501E User Manual page 38

Wireless voice gateway series
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Table of Contents
CAUTION: Do not modify these settings unless you are an experienced
network administrator with strong knowledge of IP addressing,
subnetting, and DHCP.
DHCP Server
Starting Local Address
Number of CPEs
Lease Time
DHCP Clients
WINS Addresses
Click Apply to save your changes.
5 • Basic Pages
Field Descriptions for the Basic DHCP Page
Select Yes to enable the SVG1501 DHCP Server.
Select No to disable the SVG1501 DHCP Server.
Enter the starting IP address to be assigned by the SVG1501
DHCP server to clients in dotted-decimal format. The default is
Sets the number of clients for the SVG1501 DHCP server to
assign a private IP address. There are 245 possible client
addresses. The default is
Sets the time in seconds that the SVG1501 DHCP server leases
an IP address to a client. The default is 3600 seconds (60
Lists DHCP client device information.
Specifies up to three Windows Internet Name Service (WINS)
Server Addresses.

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Table of Contents

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