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Adjusting The Black Balance And The White Balance; Adjusting The Black Balance - Sony PDW-510 Operation Manual

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5-2 Adjusting the Black
Balance and the
White Balance
To ensure excellent image quality when using this
camcorder, conditions may require that both the black
balance and the white balance be adjusted.
Black balance adjustment
The black balance will require adjustment in the following
• When the camcorder is used for the first time
• When the camcorder has not been used for a long time
• When the camcorder is used under conditions in which
the surrounding temperature has changed greatly
• When the GAIN selector (L/M/H) values have been
changed by using the USER menu
It is not usually necessary to adjust the black balance when
using the camcorder after it has been off.
White balance adjustment
Always readjust the white balance when the lighting
conditions change.
Viewfinder screen displays
If the black balance or white balance adjustment is started,
messages that report on the progress and results are
displayed on the viewfinder screen when the VF DISP
MODE item is set to "2" or "3" on the VF DISP 1 page of
the USER menu.
Black balance and white balance adjustment values that
are automatically set by the camcorder and the various
settings are stored in the camcorder memory and retained
even when the power is turned off.

5-2-1 Adjusting the Black Balance

In automatic black balance mode, adjustments are
performed in the following order: clamp level, black set,
and black balance. Manual black balance adjustment can
be selected from the setup menu.
Note that the automatic black balance adjustment
includes a function to correct for white flecks caused in
the CCDs by cosmic rays, in addition to the normal
black balance operation.
For details of manual black balance adjustment, refer to
the Maintenance Manual.
AUTO W/B BAL switch
To adjust the black balance, proceed as follows.
Set the OUTPUT/DCC switch to CAM.
Push the AUTO W/B BAL switch to BLK and release
the switch.
The switch returns to the center position, and the
adjustment is executed.
During adjustment, the following message is displayed
on the viewfinder screen.
The black balance adjustment ends in a few seconds
with the message "ABB:OK" and the adjustment value
is automatically stored in memory.
• During the black balance adjustment, the iris is
automatically closed.
• During the black balance adjustment, the gain selection
circuit is automatically activated so you may see
flickering on the viewfinder screen, but this is not a fault.
If automatic black balance adjustment
cannot be made
If the black balance adjustment cannot be completed
normally, an error message will appear for about 3 seconds
on the viewfinder screen (in display mode 2 or 3).
Possible messages are listed below.

5-2 Adjusting the Black Balance and the White Balance

The messages change
in the following
sequence :


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