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In the same way, the output from external DV devices
(VTRs, nonlinear editors, etc.) can be input to this unit and
recorded on Professional Discs.
DV-compliant nonlinear editors may also be connected.
1) In the case of the PDW-530/530P, DV stream output is also possible when
the unit is set to IMX recording mode. Audio data is recorded after
conversion according to the specifications of this unit.
2) In the case of the PDW-530/530P, this is possible only when the unit is set
to DVCAM recording mode.
Computer access to files (File Access Mode)
Use of application software
series enables random access to video, audio, and metadata
files on Professional Discs, with the ability to display file
lists and perform file-based reads and writes.
Files can be transferred at high speed, and thumbnail lists
of disc contents can be viewed on computer screens.
1) Such software includes the supplied PDZ-1 Proxy Browsing Software and
the XPRI series.
Remote control connectors
By connecting an optional RM-B150/B750 or similar
remote control unit, you can control the shooting functions
of this unit externally.
Function extension interface
• Installing the optional CBK-SD01 SDI Output Board
enables SDI signal output from the VIDEO OUT
• By installing the optional CBK-SC01 Analog Composite
Input Board, a composite video signal input to the
GENLOCK connector can be recorded on this unit.
• An extension connector can be attached to the battery
attachment on the rear panel, to allow various camera
adapters to be fitted.
Network connector (option)
The optional CBK-NC01 Network Adaptor can be
installed on this unit to enable connections to computers
and networks. This makes it possible to transfer files at
high speeds, and to display of lists of the video, audio, and
metadata files stored on Professional Discs. Workflows
can be improved by the ability to use FTP commands to
transfer files to remote locations over networks.

1-1-5 Other Functions

Usability-oriented design
• There is more space around the rear panel connectors
than on previous models, making cable connections and
switch operations easier.
• The adjustment range of the shoulder pad in the front to
rear direction is increased, making it easier to ensure
proper balance when using the unit.
1-1 Features
which supports the XDCAM
2.5-inch color LCD panel
The side of the unit has an LCD that can be switched to
show the following images and data.
• Status information, including audio level meters and
time code
• Thumbnails of the video recorded on the Professional
• A playback image of the video recorded on the
Professional Disc
• The camera image
Monochrome LCD panel
Even when this unit is powered off, the time code,
remaining disc capacity, battery capacity, and other status
information appears on the monochrome LCD. (This
requires either a battery or a DC power supply connected.)
Instant operation assignable switches
Two switches provided on the side panel and on the top of
the grip, respectively, can be assigned to any functions, by
a menu operation.
Furthermore, the TURBO GAIN button can also be used as
an assignable switch.
Alarm function
If a fault is detected on the optical disc drive, or if the disc
or battery capacity is low, notication is provided by
warning indicators and audible alarms.
SMPTE (PDW-510/530)/EBU (PDW-510P/
530P) color bars, and 1 kHz reference
signal output
Adjustment of a color monitor or external audio device is
easy. Color bars for an SNG
1) SNG: Satellite News Gathering
Viewfinder height adjustable
In addition to the front to rear and left to right directions,
the viewfinder can be adjusted vertically in two steps.
Supports SNMP for maintenance and
service (option)
The SNMP-compliant Sony Remote Maintenance and
Monitoring Software can be used when the optional CBK-
NC01 Network Adaptor is installed on this unit. Via a
TCP/IP network connection, this software can monitor the
hardware status of this unit in real time and record
monitoring logs. This allows you to analyze the problem
immediately and take the necessary steps whenever a
hardware failure is detected.
uplink are also provided.


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