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Inputs And Outputs - Sony PDW-510 Operation Manual

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• The i.LINK
(FAM (File Access Mode)) function
allows you to transfer clip files by connecting a
computer, or by connecting the unit to a network with the
CBK-NC01 Network Adaptor (option).
1) i.LINK is a trademark of Sony Corporation.
Picture cache recording
Video and audio for a maximum of 10 seconds is always
held in memory, so that when you start recording, it is
possible to record from just before the REC START button
was pressed.
Time-lapse video (intermittent recording)
You can record video intermittently, capturing any number
of frames at any desired time interval.
Proxy AV data
• Proxy AV data is low-resolution data with a video
bandwidth of 1.5 Mbps and an audio bandwidth of 64
Kbps per channel. This unit records proxy AV data on
the Professional Disc whenever MPEG IMX or
DVCAM format data is recorded on the main channel.
• Proxy AV data is much smaller in size than the full-
resolution IMX or DVCAM data. It can be transferred
quickly over computer networks, easily edited in the
field with laptop computers, and readily used in a wide
variety of applications, such as content management on
small-scale servers.
Wide range of metadata recording
In addition to video and audio, various types of additional
information can be recorded on the Professional Disc
• Essence marks can be added to mark important locations
in the video and audio data.
Essence marks can be added manually at any frame by
pressing the lens RET button or an assignable button.
They can also be added automatically at locations where
there is a sudden change in luminance or audio input
above a specified threshold.
• The supplied logging software can be used to add titles,
comments, and other text data to clips.
• Computer-readable text files can be recorded on the
Professional Disc to enable systematic content
The ability to search metadata for the required audio and
video scenes brings greater efficiency to various stages of
the video production process, such as editing, and
1) Professional Disc is a trademark of Sony Corporation.
Thumbnail search
Thumbnail images of the clips on the disc can be displayed
on the LCD panel and in the viewfinder by pressing the
THUMBNAIL button. They can also be shown in external
video output.
You can check the content of a clip simply by moving the
cursor to its thumbnail and pressing the play button.
Scene selection
You can create and play back clip lists of selected clips
from the disc, arranged in any order.
One disc can store up to 99 clip lists.
Clip lists make it simple to perform offline editing in the
field for later use with full-scale nonlinear editing systems
, etc.).
1) XPRI is a trademark of Sony Corporation.
High reliability under tough operating
With resistance to vibration and dust comparable to tape
based camcorders, this unit can be relied on just like a
conventional unit.

1-1-4 Inputs and Outputs

Range of audio inputs and outputs
• A super-cardioid directional monaural microphone with
external power supply is supplied as standard
equipment. By changing the connector (service
component replacement), a stereo microphone can be
• The optional slot-in type WRR-855A/855B UHF
Synthesized Tuner Unit can be installed in the unit.
• The two AUDIO IN connectors (XLR type, 3-pin) on the
rear panel of the unit can be switched to line input,
microphone input, or + 48V external power, and also to
AES/EBU digital audio inputs (maximum 24 bits).
• When audio cables are connected to the two AUDIO IN
connectors (XLR type, 3-pin) on the rear panel of the
unit, an automatic detection function forces the
recording of the audio input signals from these
connectors as channels 1 and 2.
• The AUDIO OUT connectors (XLR type, 5-pin) provide
two channels of audio output.
(i.LINK) connector
The i.LINK connector of this unit supports the following
two functions.
Input and output of DV streams (AV/C (Audio/
Video Control) mode)
DV streams can be output from this unit and recorded on
standard DV equipment.
1-1 Features


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