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Camera Features; Features Of The Optical Disc Drive (vdr) - Sony PDW-510 Operation Manual

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Separate CC filters and ND filters; two filters
can be used simultaneously
1) DVCAM is a trademark of Sony Corporation.
2) MPEG IMX is a trademark of Sony Corporation.
3) For analog audio input, the effective bit length is maximum 20 bits.
The following characteristics are common to the PDW-
510/510P and PDW-530/530P.

1-1-2 Camera Features

-inch Power HAD EX CCDs
The three high sensitivity, low smear
EX CCDs provide high image quality which is at
the top of its class for a standard definition camcorder.
• The unit is switchable between a 16:9 aspect ratio wide
image and 4:3 standard aspect ratio.
• You can select an interlaced scan mode or progressive
scan mode (30 fps (frames per second)
510/530, 25 fps for the PDW-510P/530P).
• With the optional CBK-FC01 Pull Down Board
installed, a 24 fps
progressive scan video can be
recorded subjected to pull-down, providing imaging
quality close to that of film. (PDW-510/530 only)
1) Abbreviation of "Power Hole-Accumulated Diode." "Power HAD" is a
registered trademark of Sony Corporation.
2) More precisely, 29.97 fps
3) More precisely, 23.98 fps
Camera signal processing for high quality
• The 12-bit A/D converter provides high image quality,
stability, and reliability.
• The high-performance electronic shutter allows you to
select extended clear scan mode (ECS
vertical resolution mode (EVS
quality video.
1) ECS: Extended Clear Scan
2) EVS: Super Enhanced Vertical Definition System
Shooting functions to cope with different
shooting conditions
• A slow shutter function (up to
a standard feature. This allows noiseless shooting under
very poor lighting conditions and a variety of expressive
possibilities, such as shots of flowing streams which are
smoothed out by afterimages.
• You can easily recall sets of adjustment values from
memory, to match the particular lighting conditions.
• The ATW
function provides automatic white balance
adjustment in response to changing lighting conditions.
TM 2)
• The TruEye
process yields distortion-free video,
even with high intensity colors.
1-1 Features
-inch Power
for the PDW-
) and high
), to obtain clear, high-
second) is provided as
• The TURBO GAIN button enables an instantaneous
boost of the video gain to the maximum 48 dB.
1) ATW: Auto Tracing White balance
2) TruEye: "TruEye" is a registered trademark of Sony Corporation.
Freeze mix function
This allows a still image from the previously captured
video to be aligned with the video output from the camera.
Thus you can adjust the camera position to get exactly the
same framing for new shooting.
Wide range of menu settings
The menus provide the following operations, among
• Status display, message, and marker display settings
• Camera adjustment settings
• Switch function assignment
• "Memory Stick" operations
You can also assign any settings to the USER menu, to
create customized menus.
Saving and recalling settings in a "Memory
Using an optional "Memory Stick"
settings for particular shooting conditions, for recall as
1) "Memory Stick" is a trademark of Sony Corporation.
High-functionality viewfinder
The 2-inch monochrome viewfinder allows accurate
The switch settings, automatic black balance and white
balance items, status, warnings and so on appear on the
viewfinder screen.
1-1-3 Features of the Optical Disc
Drive (VDR)
Recording and playback in clip units
Each time you start and stop recording, this creates an
independent clip.
• During recording, material is always written to unused
parts of the disc. Therefore, even when playing back
between shooting sessions, there is no danger of
inadvertently overwriting the previous recording.
• Immediately after recording, you can delete clips you
decide not to keep, allowing efficient use of the available
disc capacity.
• During playback, you can check the recorded video and
audio by viewing thumbnail images of clips on the disc
and jumping instantly to the first frames of other clips.
, you can save menu


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