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g Viewfinder
The viewfinder lets you view the image in black and white
while shooting, recording or playing back. It also displays
various warnings and messages related to the settings or
operating conditions of the camcorder, a zebra pattern,
safety zone marker
, and center marker
1) The safety zone marker is a rectangle indicating the effective picture area.
2) The center marker indicates the center of the picture with a crosshair.
For details, see 7-2-4 "Setting the Marker Display" on
page 127.
h Diopter adjustment ring
Use this ring to adjust the viewfinder image for your
i Viewfinder front-rear positioning lever
To adjust the viewfinder position in the front-rear
direction, loosen this lever and the LOCK knob. After
adjustment, retighten this lever and the LOCK knob.
qf FILTER selector
qg ASSIGN. 1/2 switches
qh SHUTTER selector
qj AUTO W/B BAL switch
n FILTER selector
Use this selector to select the most appropriate filter to
match the light source illuminating the subject.
When this selector is used with the display mode set to 3,
the new setting appears on the viewfinder screen for about
3 seconds. (e.g.: FILTER: 3)
The PDW-510/510P has one switchable filter, and the
PDW-530/530P has two switchable filters.
The relationships between the selector settings and filter
selections as well as examples of filters for different
shooting conditions are as follows.
2-4 Shooting and Recording/Playback Functions
j Viewfinder left-right positioning ring
Loosen this ring to move the viewfinder sideways.
k Camera operator tally indicator
This indicator lights while the camcorder is recording.
Slide the window open when you shoot with your eye
away from the viewfinder. This indicator flashes when the
battery level is running low or the disc is almost full.
l Viewfinder stopper
Pull up this stopper to detach the viewfinder from the
m LOCK knob
To adjust the viewfinder position in the front-rear
direction, loosen this knob and the viewfinder front-rear
positioning lever. After adjustment, retighten this knob
and the viewfinder front-rear positioning lever.
Shooting and recording/playback functions (2)
For the PDW-510/510P
FILTER selector setting
Examples of shooting conditions and appropriate filters
Shooting condition
Sunrise and sunset; inside studio
Clear skies
Cloudy or raining
ws ASSIGN 3/4 switches
wa TURBO GAIN button
w; WHITE BAL switch
ql OUTPUT/DCC selector
qk GAIN selector
FILTER selector setting and filter selection
Filter selection
3200 K
5600 K +
5600 K
5600 K +
1 (3200 K)
2 (5600 K +
3 (5600 K)


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