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About A "memory Stick - Sony PDW-510 Operation Manual

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About a "Memory Stick"

What is "Memory Stick"?
"Memory Stick" is a new compact, portable and versatile
IC (Integrated Circuit) recording medium with a data
capacity that exceeds a floppy disk. "Memory Stick" is
specially designed for exchanging and sharing digital data
among "Memory Stick" compatible products. Because it is
removable, "Memory Stick" can also be used for external
data storage.
"Memory Stick" is available in two sizes: standard size
and compact "Memory Stick Duo" size. Once attached to
a "Memory Stick Duo" adaptor, "Memory Stick Duo"
turns to the same size as standard "Memory Stick" and thus
can be used with products compliant with standard
"Memory Stick"."
Types of "Memory Stick"
"Memory Stick" is available in the following four types to
meet various requirements in functions.
"Memory Stick-R"
Stored data are not overwritten. You can write data to
"Memory Stick-R" with "Memory Stick-R" compatible
products only. Copyright protected data that requires
MagicGate copyright protection technology cannot be
written to "Memory Stick-R."
"Memory Stick"
Stores any type of data except copyright-protected data
that requires the MagicGate copyright protection
"MagicGate Memory Stick"
Equipped with the MagicGate copyright protection
"Memory Stick-ROM"
Stores pre-recorded, read-only data. You cannot record on
"Memory Stick-ROM" or erase the pre-recorded data.
Available types of "Memory Stick"
You can use a "Memory Stick" and a "MagicGate
Memory Stick" with your product.
You can not use a "Memory Stick Duo" with your product.
Note on data read/write speed
Data read/write speed may vary depending on the
combination of the "Memory Stick" and "Memory Stick"
compliant product you use.
What is MagicGate?
MagicGate is copyright protection technology that uses
encryption technology.
Before using a "Memory Stick"
Write-protect tab
• When you set the "Memory Stick" erasure prevention
switch to "LOCK," data cannot be recorded, edited, or
• Data may be damaged if:
-You remove the "Memory Stick" or turn off the unit
while it is reading or writing data.
-You use the "Memory Stick" in a location subject to the
effects of static electricity or electric noise.
• We recommend that you make a backup copy of
important data that you record on the "Memory Stick".
• Do not attach anything other than the supplied label to
the "Memory Stick" labeling position.
• Attach the label so that it does not stick out beyond the
labeling position.
• Carry and store the "Memory Stick" in its case.
• Do not touch the connector of the "Memory Stick" with
anything, including your finger or metallic objects.
• Do not strike, bend, or drop the "Memory Stick".
• Do not disassemble or modify the "Memory Stick".
• Do not allow the "Memory Stick" to get wet.
• Do not use or store the "Memory Stick" in a location that
- Extremely hot, such as in a car parked in the sun
- Under direct sunlight
- Very humid or subject to corrosive substances
"Memory Stick" Access Indicator
If the access indicator is turned on or is flashing, data is
being read from or written to the "Memory Stick". At this
time, do not shake the computer or product or subject them
to shock. Do not turn off the power of the computer and
product or remove the "Memory Stick". This may damage
the data.
Labelling position
About a "Memory Stick"


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