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2-3 Audio Functions

1 Microphone
2 MIC IN connector
3 MIC LEVEL control
a Microphone
This is a super-cardioid directional monaural microphone
with an external power supply (+48 V) system.
b MIC IN (microphone input) connector (XLR type,
3-pin, female)
Connect the supplied microphone to this connector. A
microphone other than the supplied one may also be
connected as long as it can operate with the power (+48 V)
supplied from this connector.
By fitting a 5-pin connector (service part number: A-1053-
453-A), you can also use a stereo microphone.
c MIC (microphone) LEVEL control
This control adjusts the audio level of the microphone
connected to the MIC IN connector.
d EARPHONE jack (front) (monaural, minijack) /
EARPHONE jack (rear) (monaural/stereo
switchable, minijack)
You can monitor the E-E sound
playback sound during playback. Plugging an earphone
into the jack automatically cuts off the built-in speaker.
When an alarm is indicated, you can hear the alarm sound
through the earphone.
You can use the rear EARPHONE jack for stereo output,
by setting the HEADPHONE OUT item in the AUDIO-1
page of the MAINTENANCE menu to "STREO". You can
also connect a monaural earphone to the front jack and a
monaural/stereo earphone set to the rear jack
2-3 Audio Functions
Audio functions (1)
during recording and
8 Built-in speaker
4 EARPHONE jack (rear, stereo)
7 ALARM volume control
6 MONITOR volume control
5 MONITOR switch and CH-1/2 / CH-3/4 switch
4 EARPHONE jack (front, monaural)
1) E-E: Abbreviation of "Electric-to-Electric." In E-E mode, video and audio
signals input to the camcorder are output after passing through internal
electric circuits only. This can be used to check input signals.
e MONITOR switch and CH-1/2 / CH-3/4 switch
These switches together determine the channel selection
for audio monitor output.
MONITOR switch and CH-1/2 / CH-3/4 switch
CH-1/2 / CH-3/4 switch:
This determines the pair of audio channels selected with
the MONITOR switch.
CH-1/2 position: channels 1 and 2
CH-3/4 position: channels 3 and 4
The signals output from the AUDIO OUT connector and
EARPHONE jacks also depend on the setting of this
MONITOR switch:
This selects the audio monitor channels output to the
monaural earphone or speaker, depending on the setting of
the CH-1/2 / CH-3/4 switch.
MONITOR switch
CH-1/2 / CH-3/4 switch


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