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Ftp File Operations - Sony PDW-510 Operation Manual

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6-3 FTP File Operations

File operations between this unit and a remote computer
can be carried out by the File Transfer Protocol (called
FTP below).
A CBK-NC01 Network Adaptor (option) is required to
enable file operations by FTP.
For installation and use, see the Installation Manual
supplied with the CBK-NC01.
Connect the network connectors of this unit and a
remote computer with a network cable. Or connect this
unit to the network to which the remote computer is
File data
Network cable (Cross cable, not supplied)
1)To make connections to the LAN through a hub, use straight type
network cables (not supplied).
Set the IP address and other network setting items for
this unit.
For details, see 7-3-11 "Making Network Settings"
(page 144).
If network settings have already been made
Check the IP address of this unit.
Set the remote control switch to NETWORK.
Making FTP connections
FTP connections between this unit and a remote computer
can be made with either of the following.
• The command prompt
• FTP client software
This section explains how to use the command prompt. For
more information about using FTP client software, refer to
the documentation of the FTP client software on your
6-3 FTP File Operations
Transfer of files
Laptop computer, etc.
To log in
If this unit is connected to a remote computer with a FAM
connection, first exit file operations on the FAM
connection (see page 109).
Load a disc into this unit and put the unit into the
following state.
• Recording, playback, serch, and other disc
operations: Stopped
• Thumbnail indicator (see page 34): Off
• Picture Cache function and Interval Rec function:
• MENU ON/OFF switch: OFF
• "LIVE LOGGING" (see page 64): OFF
Login is not possible unless the unit is in the state
described above.
Start the command prompt.
Enter "ftp <SP> <IP address>," and press the Enter
key. (<SP> refers to a space.)
For example, if the IP address of this unit is set to, enter "ftp"
Refer to the Windows help for more information about
the FTP command.
If the connection succeeds, you are prompted to enter
a user name.
Enter the user name "admin" and press the Enter key.
When the user name is verified, your are prompted to
enter a password.
Enter the password and press the Enter key.
The password is set to "pdw-530 (or 510)" when the
unit is shipped from the factory.
The login is complete when the password is verified.
See 6-3-1 "Command List" (page 111) for the FTP
commands supported by this unit.
If the connection times out
This unit terminates FTP connections if no command
is received within 90 seconds of the last command. If
this occurs, log out (see the next section) and repeat
steps 2 to 4.
If you power this unit off during an FTP connection,
the data transferred thus far is discarded.


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