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Meaning and action to take
Disc operations are not possible when the
DC IN connector is not connected and the
CA-755 is being used.
An A/V phase error occurred during
playback. Stop the disc.
Lid Closed!
The lid of the disc compartment does not
open. Check the lid.
Lid Open!
The lid of the disc compartment is not
closed. Close it securely.
No Clip!
There are no clips recorded on the disc.
Exchange for a recorded disc.
No Disc!
There is no disc loaded. Insert a disc and
try the operation again.
The operation is not possible while the disc
REC mode!
is being played or recorded. Stop the disc.
Disc Top!
The operation is not possible because the
Disc End!
disc is at the top or end.
The disc is being automatically formatted.
Wait until the format ends.
Live Logg!
The operation you attempted is not
possible in Live Logging mode.Turn Live
Logging mode off and try again.
The unit is writing to the file system. Wait
until writing finishes.
No EM Space
Essence marks cannot be inserted. For
details, see 3-2-3 "Recording Essence
EM Full!
Marks" (page 51).
SB CLP mode
Try the operation again after pressing the
SUB CLIP button to turn off the sub clip
No SEL List
No clip list is selected. Create a new clip
list, or load a clip list from the disc.
No List!
There is no clip list. Create a clip list.
No SUB Clip
There are no sub clips in the clip list.
Register a sub clip, or load another clip list.
The In and Out point positions are invalid.
Set correct In and Out points.
MAX# SB CLP The total number of sub clips is over the
upper limit (300).
CL OVER DUR The total duration of sub clips in the current
clip list is over the upper limit (24 hours).
FAN Stopped!
The main unit or drive fan has stopped.
Avoid use under high temperatures, turn
off the power, and contact a Sony service
MEM REC NG! (only when CBK-PC01 is installed)
Proxy data recording failed because the
memory card ran out of memory.Exchange
the memory card, and copy the proxy data
that could not be recorded.
1) "**" indicates the bit rate (50/40/30).
2) REC INHI.! appears if you attempt to start recording.
10-3 Operation Warnings
Notes on CCD image sensors
Vertical smear
Smear tends to be produced when an extremely bright
object is being shot; it is more likely to occur with a faster
electronic shutter speed.
Vertical smear
When patterns of stripes or lines are shot, they may appear
Vertical tails show on the
Bright object (mercury lamp,
the sun, reflections, etc.)
Monitor screen


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