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Saving User Menu Data To The "memory Stick - Sony PDW-510 Operation Manual

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If it does not fit into the slot properly or if there is some
resistance when you insert it, the "Memory Stick" may be
turned around or upside down. Do not force the "Memory
Stick" into the slot. Confirm the direction of the notch and
arrow on the "Memory Stick" before inserting the
"Memory Stick", and then try inserting it again.
Removing the "Memory Stick"
Check that the access indicator is not lit, then gently press
in the "Memory Stick" and release. It pops out, and you
can withdraw it from the slot.
Removing the "Memory Stick"
Do not remove the "Memory Stick" while the access
indicator is lit. You may lose data, or damage the "Memory
Protecting saved data
To prevent accidental erasure of important setup data, use
the LOCK switch on the "Memory Stick".
Slide the switch right to the write protect position. It is now
impossible to write or delete data on the "Memory Stick".
LOCK switch on the "Memory Stick"
Notes on using and storing the "Memory
• Avoid touching the connector of the "Memory Stick" or
contacting it with a metal object.
• When attaching a label to the "Memory Stick", use only
the label supplied for the "Memory Stick".
• Do not drop, bend, or submit the "Memory Stick" to
external shock.
• Do not disassemble or modify the "Memory Stick".
8-1 Saving and Loading User Files to and from a "Memory Stick"
Check that the access
indicator is not lit
Gently press in
• Avoid getting liquids on the "Memory Stick".
• Avoid using or storing the "Memory Stick" in a location
subject to:
- extremely high temperature such as the hot inside of a
car or the outdoors exposed to a burning sun, or a place
near a heater.
- direct sunlight
- high humidity
- excessive dust
• When storing and carrying the "Memory Stick", keep it
in its original case to ensure protection of important data.
• When carrying the camcorder with the "Memory Stick"
inserted, close the cover of the menu operating section.
• Avoid removing the "Memory Stick" from the insertion
slot while the access indicator is lit.
• Do not format the "Memory Stick" using a PC.
For formatting the "Memory Stick", see the description
of the MEMORY STICK page of the FILE menu on
page 208.
8-1-2 Saving User Menu Data to the
"Memory Stick"
You can save USER menu settings held in the camcorder
as user files in the "Memory Stick".
You can save up to 100 user files in the "Memory Stick".
Insert the "Memory Stick", then proceed as follows.
Set the MENU ON/OFF switch to ON.
The last accessed menu page appears on the screen.
Turn the MENU knob until the USER FILE page
appears, then press the MENU knob to select the page.
F.ID : sssssssssssssssss
If you want to set a file ID for the data to be saved
Set the file ID before going to step 3.
For details on setting the file ID, see "Setting the file
ID" on page 149.
Turn the MENU knob to move the b mark to USER
FILE SAVE, and press the MENU knob.
The P00 USER SAVE page appears.


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