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Korg microX Operation Manual: Basic Operations

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Basic operations

After you've powered-on the microX, here's how
to perform basic operations such as selecting
modes and pages.
1. Selecting modes
• In order to use a particular function on the
microX, you must first select the appropriate
Press one of the front panel mode buttons to
enter the corresponding mode.
PROGRAM [A]–[GM] button: Program mode
COMBINATION [A]–[C] button:
Combination mode
[MULTI] button: Multi mode
[GLOBAL] button: Global mode
• When you press one of the PROGRAM [A]–
[GM] buttons or COMBINATION [A]–[C] but-
tons, you will enter the selected mode, and the
corresponding bank will also be selected as
well as a program or combination within that
For example if you're editing a program in
Program mode, and you press a different
PROGRAM [A]–[GM] button, the program
will change and the settings you had been
editing will disappear. The same is true for
Combination mode, and the settings you had
been editing will disappear if you press a
different COMBINATION [A]–[C] button.
• For the [GLOBAL] button or [MULTI] button,
pressing that button once again will take you
back to the mode and page in which you had
previously been.
Note: For example, suppose you're editing a
program in Program mode, and you press the
[GLOBAL] button to enter Global mode. When
you've finished editing the Global settings and
are ready to resume editing the program, press
the [GLOBAL] button once again to return to
Program mode. If you return to Program mode
by pressing the PROGRAM [A]–[GM] of any
bank other than the bank in which you were
editing, the settings you had been editing will
disappear. For this reason, we recommend that
you return to Program mode by pressing the
[GLOBAL] button once again, rather than by
pressing a PROGRAM [A]–[GM] button. The
same is true for the [MULTI] button.
2. Selecting pages
Each mode has a large number of parameters,
which are grouped into pages. These are further
subdivided by tabs into up to eight tab pages.
• Make sure that the desired mode is selected.
For details on selecting a mode, see "1.
Selecting modes," above.
In this explanation we'll use Combination
mode as an example.
Press the COMBINATION [A]–[C] buttons.
Note: The COMBI 0: Play page will appear. (This is
shown in the upper left of the display.)
In Combination, Program, or Multi modes (i.e., in
other than Global mode), you will normally
perform in this 0: Play page. You can also make
simple adjustments (edits) to the sound while
you're in this page. To make more detailed
adjustments, use page 1 (COMBI 1: Ed–Tone
Adjust, etc.) and following.
Selecting a page
Using the page menu to move
In Combination, Program, Global, and Multi
modes, you can press the [MENU/OK] button to
view a list of the pages that make up that mode.
1. Press the [MENU/OK] button.
The page menu will appear.
The page in which you were when you pressed
the [MENU/OK] button will be highlighted as
an indication.
Basic operations


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