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Korg microX Operation Manual: Copying The Settings Of A Combination To A Multi Set

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Using and Editing Multi sets
Copying the settings of a
combination to a multi set
You can copy the settings of a combination to a
multi set. If you have a favorite combination, this
function provides a convenient way to copy those
sounds to the tracks of a multi set.
Note: Set the global MIDI channel (GLOBAL 1:
MIDI, "MIDI Channel") to 01.
1. Select a multi set. (☞p.69 "Selecting a multi
2. Choose the "Copy From Combi" utility.
A dialog box will appear.
3. Use the "Combi" field to select the combination
that you want to copy.
4. If you also want the effect settings of the
combination to be copied, check the "With
Effects" check box.
5. Specify the tracks of the multi set to which you
want the eight timbres of the combination to be
If you want to copy the settings of the
combination to tracks 1–8, choose "Track 1 to
8." If you want to copy them to tracks 9–16,
choose "Track 9 to 16."
6. If you want the sound of the combination
including its arpeggiator performance to be
recorded on your external MIDI sequencer in
order to reproduce the same sounds as when
you were recording, you should check the
"Auto adjust Arpeggio setting" check box.
This will make adjustments to the MIDI
channel and other settings of some tracks, and
add tracks as necessary to ensure that the
arpeggio performance will be reproduced.
Depending on the settings of the combination,
you may need to make additional changes to
the track settings.
Note: This is available if you've selected "Track
1 to 8." In order to use the "Auto adjust
Arpeggio setting" function, the combination
you're copying must have already been written
with its [ARP ON/OFF] button turned on.
7. Press the [MENU/OK] button to execute the
8. Set the "Control Track" to 01.
In order to play the sounds and the arpeggiator
in the same way as in Combination mode, you
must choose a track that is set to the global
MIDI channel. Play the keyboard, and you will
hear the same sounds as when playing the
9. Begin multi-track recording on your external
MIDI sequencer, and operate the microX's
keyboard and controllers.
When you perform multi-track recording, the
multiple channels sounded by the arpeggiator
will also be recorded at the same time.
10.When you've finished performing, stop
recording. Play back the recording, and verify
that it reproduces the sounds you heard while


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