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Korg microX Operation Manual Page 94

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Global Mode
Linking the arpeggiator to programs
and combinations
You can specify whether the arpeggiator settings
written to a program or combination will also be
selected when you select that program or combi-
nation, or whether the arpeggiator settings will
remain in their current state when you switch the
program or combination.
When the microX is shipped from the factory, the
former setting is selected. You can use the latter
setting if you want to use the same arpeggiator
settings to generate phrases and patterns while
you select and try out different programs and
If the Auto Arp. "Program" or "Combination"
boxes are checked, selecting a program or combi-
nation respectively will also select the arpeggiator
settings that are written in that program or combi-
When you switch programs, combinations, or
multi sets, you have the option of also recalling
the OCTAVE [†][π] button setting that is written
as part of this data.
If the "OCTAVE Keys [†/π]: Use Prog/Combi/
Multi's Octave" box is checked, the OCTAVE
[†][π] button setting written in the data will be
recalled when you select the program etc. If this
box is not checked, the OCTAVE [†][π] setting
will not change when you select the program etc.;
the current setting will be maintained until you
switch the octave yourself.
Preference Page
Recalling the last-selected mode and
page at power-on
The state of microX when the power is turned on
will depend on the setting of "Power On Mode".
If "Power On Mode" is set to Reset (factory set-
ting), microX will automatically select the Combi-
nation mode 0: Play.
If "Power On Mode" is set to Memorize, microX
will power on using the same mode and page that
were selected when the power was previously
turned off.
Protecting the memory
If one or more of the "Memory Protect" boxes are
checked, operations such as writing, loading etc.
will be prohibited for the corresponding type of
If you want to edit and write (save) settings, you'll
need to uncheck this box. In order to load the pre-
loaded data, you'll first need to uncheck the Mem-
ory Protect box for the data you want to load.
Foot Page
Specifying the function of the
ABLE Pedal
Assignable Switch
Foot SW Assign lets you assign a function to a
footswitch, such as the optional Korg PS-1, con-
nected to the rear-panel ASSIGNABLE SWITCH
• This is set by "Foot SW Assign."
You can choose from the following functions:
Alternate modulation source
Effect dynamic modulation source
Switch portamento on/off
Control the sostenuto effect
Turn the soft pedal effect on/off
Arpeggiator on/off
Select programs or combinations (up/down)
Tap tempo
Aftertouch transmission
The functions of controllers such as the joystick
or knobs [1]–[4]. (☞PG p.164)


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