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Korg microX Operation Manual: Midi-related Settings 1: Midi; Creating User Scales 2: User Scale

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Assignable Pedal
You can specify the function of an assignable
pedal, such as the optional XVP-10 EXP/VEL
pedal or EXP-2 foot controller, connected to the
• This is set by "Foot Pedal Assign."
You can choose from the following functions:
Master volume
Alternate modulation source
Effect dynamic modulation source
Portamento pitch change speed
The pan following an insert effect
Send levels to the master effects
Aftertouch transmission
Duplicate the function of another controller,
such as the joystick or knobs [1]–[4] (☞PG
Note: You can use this as a source for alternate
modulation or effect dynamic modulation, and
use it to control program parameters or effect
parameters. In this case, set "Foot SW Assign" to
Foot SW (CC#82), and "Foot Pedal Assign" to Foot
Pedal (CC#04).

MIDI-related settings 1: MIDI

MIDI Setup, MIDI Filter
Here you can make MIDI-related settings for the
entire microX, such as the global MIDI channel
and the MIDI clock setting. You can also use the
utility commands of this page to transmit MIDI
System Exclusive data dumps. (☞PG p.81)
MIDI-related settings 1: MIDI
Creating user scales
2: User Scale
Creating an original scale, and
assigning it to a Program
On the User Scale page, you can create your own
original scales. These include sixteen different
User Octave Scales, in which the pitch of each note
of the octave is repeated for all octaves, and one
User All Note Scale, in which the pitch of each of
the 128 notes can be specified independently.
By adjusting the pitch of each key in the range of
±99 cents, you can raise or lower it by approxi-
mately one semitone relative to the normal pitch.
The user scales you create here can be used by
specifying the scale for a program, for each timbre
of a combination, or for each track of a Multi set.
You can choose these scales from the following
1: Ed–Basic, Program Basic
2: Ed–TimbreParam, Other
2: Track Param, Other
Here's how to set the scale type for each track in
Multi mode.
1. Create a user octave scale or a user all notes
Select a key, and use the VALUE controllers to
adjust the pitch. The range of ±99 raises or
lowers the pitch approximately one semitone
above or below the standard pitch.
Note: You can copy one of the preset scales and
edit it to create an original scale. To do so, use
the "Copy Scale" utility.
2. Press the [MULTI] button to enter Multi mode.
3. Press the [MENU/OK] button, choose "Track
Param" from the "PAGE MENU," and then
press the [PAGE+] button to access the 2: Track
Param, Other page.


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