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Korg microX Operation Manual: What You Can Do In Multi Mode

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What you can do in Multi
A multi set has sixteen tracks. Each track consists
of one program, and parameters such as keyboard
zone, velocity zone, mixer settings, MIDI channel,
and filter settings.
See the illustration "Multi set structure and corre-
sponding pages."
Multi mode has the following major functions.
• There are 128 multi sets. Each set lets you
assign a program to each of the sixteen tracks,
and you can combine these programs as splits
and layers just as in a combination.
• Each multi set lets you make settings for one
stereo insert effect, two master effects, and a
stereo master EQ.
• You can use two arpeggiators, and you can syn-
chronize them to your MIDI sequencer.
• By setting the "Status" of a track to INT or
BTH, you can play the microX from your exter-
nal MIDI sequencer as a multi-track sound
module. (☞PG p.55 "Multi Mode")
• By setting the "Status" of a track to BTH, EXT,
or EXT, you can play an external sound module
on the MIDI channel of the "Control Track."
(☞PG p.56 "Multi Mode")
• You can control the program parameters of a
track in realtime using AMS (Alternate Modu-
lation) or control changes. You can also use the
MIDI Sync. function to synchronize the LFO
speed to the tempo.
• You can use the Dmod (Dynamic Modulation)
function to control effect parameters in real-
time. You can also use MIDI Sync. to synchro-
nize the LFO speed or delay time to the tempo.
• You can assign a name to the multi set and to
each track.
Multi set structure and corresponding pages
External MIDI
Control Track
The microX's keyboard
Track 1
Setting parameters
Track 2
Setting parameters
BUS : 8–1, 2
Track 3
Setting parameters
Setting parameters
Track 4
Setting parameters
Track 5
Setting parameters
Track 6
Track 7
Setting parameters
Insert Effect
Track 8
Setting parameters
Master Effect
Individual Outputs
Track 16
Setting parameters

What you can do in Multi mode

• You can copy the settings of a combination to a
multi set.
• The "PLAY/MUTE" setting lets you quickly
mute or un-mute a desired track.
• The Tone Adjust function lets you make
detailed adjustments to the program used by
each track.
Overview of Multi set parameters
Select a program for each track
In the MULTI 0: Play, Program page, select a pro-
gram for each track.
Status and MIDI settings
In the MULTI 2: Track Param, MIDI page, set "Sta-
tus" to INT for the tracks that you want to play,
and set their MIDI channel to the global MIDI
Adjust the programs so that they fit
within the multi set
For each track program, specify the poly/mono
setting and adjust timbre parameters such as por-
tamento and transpose.
Layer, split, and velocity switch
In the MULTI 5: Key Zone, Key page and the 6: Vel
Zone, Vel page, specify the range (layer, split,
velocity switching, etc.) in which each program
will sound.
The output of each track can be sent to the insert
effect, the master effects, and the master EQ. You
can use the mixer section to freely specify how the
audio signals will be routed.
Master Effect 1, 2 :
Insert Effect :
8–3, 4
1–1, 9–4, etc. indicate the microX on-screen pages and tabs.
Controller Setup : 7–5
Arpeggiator: 7–1...5
(A, B)
MasterEQ : 9–4


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