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Korg microX Operation Manual: Programs And Combinations; Drum Kits

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In GLOBAL 0: System, Foot page, make sure
that "Damper Polarity" or "Foot SW Polarity"
is set correctly. ☞PG p.80
Noise or oscillation is heard
When using the BPM/MIDI Sync. function to
control the delay time of an effect, noise may
occur in the delay sound. This noise is due to
discontinuities in the delay sound, and is not a
Some effects, such as 015: St.AnalogRecd, gen-
erate noise intentionally. It is also possible to
create oscillation using a filter with resonance.
These are not malfunctions.

Programs and Combinations

Settings for oscillator 2 are not displayed
Make sure that the PROG 1: Ed–Basic, Prog
Basic page "Mode (Oscillator Mode)" parame-
ter is set to Double.
A combination does not play correctly
after you load data
Are the bank/numbers of the programs used
by the combination the same as when the com-
bination was created?
→ If you have switched program banks, you can
use the Change all bank references menu com-
mand to change the program bank for each tim-
bre of a combination. ☞PG p.77
Multi set
When you loaded data, a Multi set does
not sound correctly
Are the bank/number of the programs used by
the song the same as when the Multi set was
A combination copied using "Copy From
Combi" sounds different than it did in
Combination mode
Did you make the correct settings in the Copy
From Combination dialog box? ☞p.72
→ In the Copy From Combination dialog box,
check the "Auto adjust Arpeggio setting" box
before you execute the copy.
Effects are not applied
Are the Effect Global SW IFX Off, MFX1 Off,
or MFX2 Off (GLOBAL 0: System, Basic page)
settings checked? ☞p.87
If you are in Combination, and Multi mode,
and master effects are not applied when you
raise the S1(Send1(MFX1)) or S2(Send2(MFX2))
of the timbre/track, does Rtn1(Return 1) or
Rtn2(Return 2) from the master effect need to
be raised? ☞p.83
Alternatively, has Send 1 or Send 2 for each
oscillator of the program used by the timbre/
track been lowered? ☞p.84
The actual send level is determined by
multiplying the send setting of each oscillator
in the program with the send setting of the
Arpeggiator does not start
Is the [ARP ON/OFF] button turned on (lit)?
If the arpeggiator does not start for a combina-
tion or Multi set, make sure that "Arpeggiator
Run" is checked, and that an arpeggiator is
selected for "Assign." ☞p.96
Is the GLOBAL 1: MIDI "MIDI Clock" parame-
ter set to Internal? ☞PG p.81

Drum Kits

The drum sample's pitch does not change
You have left the "Assign" check box
unchecked, and want to play the drum sample
at the adjacent right a semitone lower, but the
pitch does not change.
→ If you have selected a drum program in Pro-
gram mode, and then want to edit the drum kit
in Global mode, go to the PROG 2: Ed–Pitch,
OSC1 page and set "Pitch Slope" to +1.0 before
you enter Global mode.
No sound when the [AUDITION] button is
turned on
The Audition function is available only in Pro-
gram mode.


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