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Korg TRITON TAKTILE Owner's Manual: Basic Operations

Usb controller keyboard/synthesizer.
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TRITON taktile

2. Basic Operations

Turning the power ON
This unit has no power switch. The power is turned ON by
connecting the USB cable from unit to the computer USB
terminal or USB AC adapter.
Low-power mode
If you turn on the power while holding down the page
buttons, the unit starts up in low-power mode, allowing
you to operate it while connected to a tablet.
The functional limitations apply in low-power mode.
• The following LEDs do not light (this limits only the display).
Trigger pads, F1–F8 buttons, transport buttons
• The display will be slightly dimmer.
• The internal sound generator cannot be used.
Turning the power OFF
The power is turned OFF when the USB cable that con-
nects this unit to the computer or USB AC adapter is re-
How to use the screen
1. Select a desired parameter with the page
2. Specify a value for the parameter with the value slider.
TIP Press the EXIT button to return to the original screen.
How to use the value slider
When you move a finger along the
slider, a value will change continu-
ously. To change the value one by
one, press the end of the slider.
Only a fingertip should be used to
control the value slider. You
shouldn't use anything hard or
pointed and you shouldn't be
wearing gloves.
Using the built-in sound source
for your performance
TRITON taktile includes 512 sounds created by tuning the
program sounds mounted in the legendary KORG TRI-
TON. You can easily perform with this unit without con-
necting to a computer.
TIP While the SOUND mode is ON, all MIDI messages will be
transmitted on the Global MIDI channel regardless of
which MIDI channel is specified for each controller.
1. Choosing the program
1. Press the SOUND button to switch to the SOUND
mode (SOUND button lights up). The program/catego-
ry names are shown in the display.
2. Change the program with the value slider.
3. Press the ASSIGN button to choose the category (LED
lights up) and then press the F1-F8 buttons to select
the lead program for the individual categories.
4. You can perform with the keyboard, touchpad and trig-
ger pad. You can also modify the sounds in your per-
formance by using the pitch bend wheel or modulation
wheel to alter the notes that are played.
Changing the sound of program
You can change and modulate the sound of the program
you've chosen.
You can use eight sliders to adjust the parameters that are
assigned to individual programs.
TIP Refer to the Parameter Guide for the contents of the pa-
It is not possible to store the settings of changed parame-
ters to the memory. If a program is changed, the unit will
return to the initial settings that are set to each program.


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