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Korg microX Operation Manual: Simple Combination Editing; Changing The Programs Within The Combination; Adjusting A Timbre's Pan And Volume

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Playing and Editing Combinations

Simple combination editing

You can edit any of the Combinations shipped
with microX, or you can start with an initialized
Program to create sounds from scratch.
On the microX, you can use the edit of COMBI 0:
Play page and the realtime controller knobs and
switches of the front panel to make simple
changes to a program without having to enter the
editing pages that contain the detailed editing
Changing the programs
within the Combination
Changing the Program assigned to each timbre (1–
8) is a quick way to dramatically alter the sound of
the Combination.
Note: You can make the following settings from
either the COMBI 0: Play page or the 1: Ed–Tone
Adjust page.
Selecting programs from the front
panel and LCD
To change the Program assigned to a Timbre:
1. Access the COMBI 0: Play, Prog page.
This page shows information about the
programs assigned to Timbres 1–8.
2. Use the ClickPoint to highlight "Program
Select," and use the [VALUE] dial etc. to select a
You can use either of the following methods to
select a program.
• Turn the [VALUE] dial.
• Press the center of the ClickPoint to highlight
the field, then use [π][†] to select a program,
and press the center to finalize your selection.
• "Selecting by Category" ( ☞p.38)
Listening to the program sound of just
one timbre
Here's how you can listen to the sound of a single
timbre by itself.
1. Press the [UTILITY] button to access the utility
2. Use the ClickPoint [π][†] to choose "Solo
Selected Timbre," and press the ClickPoint
Now you will hear only the program sound of
the currently selected timbre. The lower part of
the display will indicate [Solo].
3. To cancel this setting, choose "Solo Selected
Timbre" once again and press the ClickPoint
Receiving MIDI program changes to
switch timbre programs
See "Switching the program of a timbre via MIDI"
Note: MIDI program changes only work for
Timbres whose Status is set to INT.
Adjusting a timbre's pan and
Adjusting the pan (stereo position)
Here's how to adjust the pan of each timbre.
1. Access the COMBI 0: Play, Mixer page.
This page shows the pan and volume settings
for the programs assigned to timbres 1–8.
2. Use the ClickPoint [√][®][π][†] to highlight
the "Pan" of the timbre whose pan setting you
want to adjust, and use the [VALUE] dial etc. to
adjust the setting.
A setting of C064 is center, L001 is far left, and
R127 is far right. With a setting of RND, the
stereo location will change randomly between
left and right each time a note is played.


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