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Korg microX Operation Manual: Using The Arpeggiator

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Using the arpeggiator

As you selected and listened to various programs and combinations, you probably noticed that
some of them began playing automatically. This is because of the arpeggiator.
The arpeggiator is a function that automatically generates arpeggios (the notes of a chord
played individually in a rhythmic pattern). Most arpeggiators produce an arpeggio when you
play a chord on the keyboard. In addition to this, the microX's arpeggiator is a polyphonic
arpeggiator that is able to produce a variety of chordal transformations or phrases based on the
pitch or timing of the notes you play on the keyboard. These functions let you use the arpeggia-
tor to play a wide range of patterns including drum or bass phrases, and guitar or keyboard
backing riffs. It is also effective to use the arpeggiator as part of the sound-creating process
when creating subtly-moving pads, synth-sounds, or sound effects.
In Program mode you can use one arpeggiator.
In Combination mode and Multi mode you can use two arpeggio patterns simultaneously (dual
polyphonic arpeggiator). This gives you a variety of possibilities, such as applying separate
arpeggio patterns to a drum program and a bass program, or using splits or velocity to switch
between arpeggio patterns.
Here we'll explain how to use the arpeggiator in Program mode.
Using the realtime controllers to control the arpeggiator
1. Press one of the PROGRAM [A]–[GM] button. (The button will light.)
2. Choose "Program Select" (program number and name), and turn the [VALUE] dial. You will
notice that the [ARP ON/OFF] button is lit for some programs. Select one of these programs,
and play the keyboard; the arpeggiator will start playing.
Even for other programs, you can press the [ARP ON/OFF] button (the button will light) to
turn on the arpeggiator. Play the keyboard to make the arpeggio start.
3. Press the REALTIME CONTROLS [SELECT] button to light the "C" LED located at the right
of the button.
4. Turn the [4] (TEMPO) knob to change the tempo.
5. Turn the [1] (ARP-GATE) knob to change the duration of the arpeggiated notes.
Note: When knobs [1]–[3] are at their center position (12 o'clock), the parameters they control
will have the values specified within the program.
6. Turn the [2] (ARP-VELOCITY) knob to change the level of the arpeggiated notes.
7. Turn the [3] (ARP-LENGTH) knob to change the length of the arpeggio pattern.
Changing the length of the arpeggio pattern will change the character of the pattern. This
doesn't work for the preset patterns (UP, DOWN, ALT1, ALT2, and RANDOM).
Changing the arpeggio pattern
The microX contains preset arpeggio patterns Preset-0 through Preset-4, and user arpeggio pat-
terns U000–250.
1. Press the [PAGE+] button to access the PROG 0: Play, Arp. Play page.
2. Use the ClickPoint [√][®][π][†] to choose "Pattern," and use the [VALUE] dial to select an
arpeggio pattern.
3. Play the keyboard and try out various arpeggio patterns.
Playing programs and combinations


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