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Korg microX Operation Manual: External Control Settings; Using External Controls

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External control settings

The microX's external control function lets you
use the four REALTIME CONTROLS knobs to
control an external MIDI device. You can specify
the MIDI channel and MIDI control change that
each knob will transmit.
One set of control settings consists of twelve such
assignments (four knobs × three groups), and
there are a total of 64 sets.
With the factory settings, the control sets contain
preloaded data. For example, there are setups that
let you control soft synthesizers such as the KORG
Legacy Collection, and other setups that let you
control the level and pan of a DAW (Digital Audio
Workstation) program in realtime.
See the "microX External Control Template List"
(PDF) for details on the control change (CC#) set-
tings assigned by the preloaded external control
templates and the application settings to which
they correspond.

Using external controls

Selecting external controls
Note: Before you continue, adjust your settings so
that the microX can send MIDI data to your
computer application or MIDI device.
1. Press a PROGRAM [A]–[GM] button. (The
button will light.)
We've selected Program mode as an example
here, but you are free to select Combination or
Multi mode if you wish.
2. Press the [EXT. CONTROLLER] button. (The
button will light.)
Knobs [1]–[4]
[SELECT] button: A/B/C
The 0: Play, Ext.Control page will appear.
3. Choose "Setup Select," and select the external
control set that you want to use.
The set list is shown in the lower lines. The
functions of the currently-enabled knobs are
4. Press the [SELECT] button to select the
functions (group) that will be controlled by the
REALTIME CONTROLS [1]–[4] knobs.
5. When you turn knobs [1]–[4], the assigned
MIDI control change (CC#) will be transmitted
on the assigned MIDI channel.
Note: The microX's keyboard and other
controllers will operate as usual.
6. Enter Combination or Multi mode, and operate
the knobs.
The External Control function lets you use the
REALTIME CONTROLS [1]–[4] knobs as
independent controllers in any mode.
If the [EXT. CONTROLLER] button is on,
changing programs in Program mode or
switching to Combination mode etc. will not
affect the control set. This means you can select
another sound on the microX without changing
the way you're controlling an external MIDI
device, or conversely you can change the way
you're controlling an external MIDI device
without switching sounds on the microX.


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