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Korg microX Operation Manual: Altering Programs To Fit Within A Combination

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Playing and Editing Combinations
Velocity Zone Slope
Similar to Key Zone Slopes, as described above,
these let you fade in and fade out sounds gradu-
ally over a velocity range, instead of a simple hard
We'll assume that you are continuing to edit from
the preceding example.
1. Access the COMBI 6: Ed–Vel Zone, Vel page.
2. In the case of the above example, you could set
the velocity zones of the two Timbres so that
they partially overlap.
3. Access the COMBI 6: Ed–Vel Zone, Slope page.
4. Then, set the "Top Slope" and "Bottom Slope"
so that the sound changes gradually, instead of
changing suddenly between velocity values of
63 and 64.
5. The COMBI 6: Ed–Vel Zone, Review page
shows a graphic indication of the region of
velocities for which timbres 1–8 will play. The
region that will sound is shown as a line, and
the shaded area indicates the portion occupied
by the slope.
Altering Programs to fit
within a Combination
You can make various changes to Programs within
the context of a particular Combination, to make
them fit better with other Programs, or to create
particular sonic effects. These changes do not
affect the original Programs, or how those Pro-
grams sound in other Combinations.
Specifying how the timbre will
You can make these settings in COMBI 2: Ed–Tim-
bre Param, OSC.
Force OSC Mode
Normally this should be set to PRG, so that the
sound will play as set by the original Program.
If you wish to force a polyphonic program to
sound monophonically, set this either to Mono or
LGT (Legato). Conversely, set this to Poly if you
wish to force a monophonic program to play poly-
OSC Select
Normally, this should be set to Both.
If the timbre is using a program whose Oscillator
Mode is Double, and you want only OSC1 or
OSC2 (not both) to sound, set this to OSC1 (only
OSC1 will sound) or OSC2 (only OSC2 will
Normally, this should be set to PRG.
If the Program uses portamento, but you'd like to
disable this for the current Combination, set this
parameter to Off.
Conversely, if you want to force the portamento to
be on, or just to change the portamento time, set
this to a value of 001–127. The portamento will
change to use the newly specified time.


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