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Korg microX Operation Manual Page 83

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Selecting a multi set
You can switch multi sets via MIDI by sending
MIDI Song Select messages. A song select message
will be transmitted when you switch multi sets.
Conversely, you can switch multi sets by receiving
a song select message from the source you specify.
If the Global "Multi Mode" is set to "for Master,"
switching the multi set number will cause each
track with a "Status" of EXT, EX2 or BTH to trans-
mit bank select, program change, volume, pan,
portamento, send 1 and 2, post-IFX pan, and post-
IFX send 1 and 2 messages on the channel speci-
fied for that track.
Switching the program assigned to a
track via MIDI
• Receiving MIDI program change messages to
select programs: (☞p.39 "Using MIDI program
change messages to select programs")
Note: In order to select programs via MIDI
program changes, the track's "Status" must be
set to INT.
The MIDI channel of a track is specified by MULTI
2: Track Param, MIDI "MIDI Channel." When a
program change is received on a MIDI channel
that matches the channel setting of a track, the
program will change if the "Status" of that track is
INT. However, program changes for a track will
also depend on the "Program Change" setting.
The "Status" setting is located in the MULTI 2:
Track Param, MIDI page, and the "Program
Change" setting is in the MULTI 3: MIDI Filter1, -1
If you've installed the included "microX Plug-In
Editor" control plug-in into your DAW software,
you can conveniently select the microX programs
from a list within your DAW. For more details, see
"Editor/Plug-In Editor Manual" (PDF).
MIDI control from the microX's con-
If the "Status" is INT or BTH, playing the key-
board or operating the controllers on the "Control
Track" will play/control the microX's tone genera-
tor with the settings (program, level, etc.) of the
selected track, and any other track set to the same
MIDI channel will also sound at this time. If the
"Status" is EXT, EX2, or BTH, these messages will
be transmitted on the MIDI channel specified for
that track.
For more about the MIDI messages transmitted
when you operate the microX's controllers, and
the AMS (Alternate Modulation Source) and DMS
(Dynamic Modulation Source) that correspond to
each MIDI message, see "MIDI transmission when
the X50/microX's controllers are operated" (☞PG
Other MIDI control
For details on how the microX operates when
transmitting or received control change messages,
see "MIDI transmission when the X50/microX's
controllers are operated" (☞PG p.166). For more
about MIDI in general, see "MIDI applications"
(☞PG p.171).
Control via MIDI


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