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Korg microX Operation Manual: Playing Programs And Combinations

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Quick Start
3. Turn the microX's [VOLUME] knob down (to the left).
Turn on your audio monitor system and set the volume to a normal level.
4. Turn on the microX by pressing the power switch located on the rear panel.
5. Slowly raise the microX's [VOLUME] knob to an appropriate volume.

Playing programs and combinations

By default, Combination mode will be selected when you turn on the power.
Play the keyboard, and you will hear the sound of bank A combination number 000.
A combination consists of up to eight programs that are split, zoned, layered or velocity-
switched across the keyboard. A combination can also use up to two Arpeggiators simulta-
neously (a program can use only one Arpeggiator), letting you produce far more complex
sounds than a single program.
Although you could simply continue selecting and playing different combinations, let's start by
selecting and listening to the "basic" sounds of the microX – programs.
Note: If you don't hear any sound when you play the keyboard: Check the connections once
again. Also make sure that the microX's VOLUME and the volume of your powered speakers or
stereo amp are turned up appropriately.
Selecting programs by bank and number
1. Press one of the PROGRAM [A]–[GM] buttons. (The button will light.)
You will enter Program mode, and the bank you specified will be selected. Notice that the
upper line of the display indicates "PROG 0: Play" (mode name, page number and name).
Mode name
and name)
2. Make sure that "Program Select" (program number and name) is selected.
If this is not selected, use the ClickPoint [ π ][ † ] to highlight the "Program Select" indication.
1, 4
Page number and name
Category number
and name
Knob B assign list
Parameter name
Tab name


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