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Korg microX Operation Manual: Playing And Editing Combinations; Playing Combinations; Selecting Combinations

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Playing and Editing Combinations

What's a Combination?
Combinations, or "Combis" for short, let you split
and layer up to 8 Programs at once.
A Combi is made up of 8 Timbres. Each Timbre
has a Program, along with parameters for key and
velocity zones, mixer settings, MIDI channel and

Playing combinations

Selecting combinations

There are several different ways to select Combi-
nations. Each one is convenient in a different way:
• Selecting combinations from the front panel:
Using "Combi Select" to select a program
· Turn the [VALUE] dial.
· Press the center of the ClickPoint to high-
light the field, then use [π][†] to select a
program, and press the center to finalize
your selection.
· Use the COMBINATION [A]–[C] buttons to
select a combination bank.
Selecting combinations by program category
You can select programs by categories such as
piano or drums. (☞p.38)
• Selecting combinations by using a foot-
You can change combinations even while both
hands are busy playing on the keyboard -
convenient for live applications
• Selecting combinations by receiving MIDI
program changes:
You can switch combinations from an external
MIDI sequencer or an external MIDI controller.
See below for details.
controller filtering, and so on.
As with Programs, each Combi has 1 Insert Effect,
2 Master Effects, and a Master EQ, for shaping and
transforming the sounds of the individual Tim-
bres. Finally, Combis can use 2 Arpeggio patterns
modules at once.
Selecting combinations from the
front panel
1. Press a COMBINATION [A]–[C] button. (The
button will light.)
You will enter Combination mode, and the
bank you specified will be selected. Notice that
the upper line of the display indicates "COMBI
0: Play" (mode name, page number and name).
The bank number you specified is shown below
"COMBI 0: Play."
Mode name Page number and name
Category number
and name
Select (com-
number and
2. Make sure that "Combi Select" (combination
number and name) is selected.
If this is not selected, use the ClickPoint [π][†]
to highlight the "Combi Select" indication.
3. Use the [VALUE] dial etc. to select the
combination you want to play.
1, 4
You can use either of the following methods to
select a program.
• Turn the [VALUE] dial.
Parameter name
Tab name
Control assign list


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