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Korg microX Operation Manual Page 10

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Quick Start
For example if you press the [CATEGORY] button and then press the PROGRAM [E] button,
you'll be able to choose only from programs in the Keyboard category. The Keyboard
category contains programs such as acoustic piano, and electric piano etc.
You can also use the [PAGE+][PAGE–] buttons to step through the categories one by one.
3. By using the [VALUE] dial or the ClickPoint [ π ][ † ] to select programs, you can step through
the programs in the same category.
4. Press the [MENU/OK] button to confirm your selection. If you decide not to select a
program, press the [EXIT/CANCEL] button.
Selecting combinations by bank and number
1. Press a COMBINATION [A]–[C] button. (The button will light.)
You will enter Combination mode, and the bank you specified will be selected. Notice that
the upper line of the display indicates "COMBI 0: Play" (mode name, page number and
Mode name
Combi Select
number and
2. Make sure that "Combi Select" (combination number and name) is selected.
If this is not selected, use the ClickPoint [ π ][ † ] to highlight the "Combi Select" indication.
3. Turn the [VALUE] dial to select the combination you want to play.
4. Press a COMBINATION [A]–[C] button to switch banks.
When you select a different Bank, the button's LED will light, and the selected bank will
appear on the left side of the display.
For example, to select bank B, press the COMBINATION [B] button. The [B] button will light,
and the name Bank B will appear in the left of the display.
Combinations are organized into banks of 128. Select the desired bank, and then select a
combination number within that bank.
1, 4
Page number and name
Category number
and name
Parameter name
Tab name
Control assign list


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