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7 series led tv monitor (mfm tv).
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Table of Contents
Getting Started
Avoid installing the product in a
location exposed to direct sunlight
and installing the product near a
heat source such as a fi replace or
• This may shorten the product
Bend the outdoor aerial cable
downwards at the location where
it comes in the house so that
rainwater does not fl ow in.
• If rainwater enters the product,
Do not let the product drop while
moving it.
• This may result in a problem
When installing the product on a
console or shelf, make sure that
the front of the product does not
protrude out of the console or shelf.
• Otherwise, this may cause the
• Make sure to use a cabinet or
If the product is installed in a
location where the operating
conditions vary considerably,
a serious quality problem may
occur due to the surrounding
environment. In this case, install the
product only after consulting one
of our service engineers about the
• Places exposed to microscopic
life cycle or cause fi re.
it may result in electric shock
or fi re.
with the product or injury.
product to fall off and result in a
malfunction or injury.
shelf suitable to the size of the
dust, chemicals, too high or
low temperature, high humidity,
airports or stations where the
product is continuously used.
English - 7
Avoid installing the product where
children may reach it.
• If a child touches the product,
the product may fall and this
may result in injury.
• Since the front part is heavier,
install the product on a fl at and
stable surface.
Install the aerial far away from any
high voltage cables.
• If the aerial touches or falls
onto a high voltage cable, it
may result in electric shock
or fi re.
Do not place the product face
down on the fl oor.
• This may damage the panel of
the product.
When putting the product down,
handle it gently.
• Otherwise, it may result in a
problem with the product or


Table of Contents

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