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My List (in Allshare Play) - SAMSUNG LED TV MONITOR User Manual

7 series led tv monitor (mfm tv).
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Table of Contents
Advanced Features
AllShare Play
My list
Using this function, you can access content easily and quickly.
Recently played
Displays the videos, photos or music file list of recently played. If you have a file you want to play again, use this
When you play a file from the
"Unable to find the
Recently played
are at the top of the list.
Recently played
files located on a mobile phone may not play.
What's new
Displays newly saved videos, photo, or music files on a connected USB device or your PC. If you have a newly
updated file you want to play, use this category.
Displays the Playlist files saved on the USB device or your PC. If you want to play a playlist, select the playlist. The
selected playlist plays immediately.
You can create up to 12 playlists.
You can add up to 100 files to a single playlist.
You can only add one type of content to a single playlist. For example, you can only add music files to a
playlist that includes music files.
Creating the Playlist
1. On the
AllShare Play
2. On the right side of the screen, highlight and select the device that has the files you want in the playlist.
displays the folders and/or files on the device.
3. If
AllShare Play
is displaying folders, highlight and select the folder that contains the files you want. If it is only
displaying files, go to Step 4.
4. Hiighlight a file, and then open the
5. Highlight and select
6. Highlight and select a file you want to add. The
7. Repeat Step 6 to select additional files.
To select all the files in the list, select
8. When done, select Add. The
9. Select
new. The
10. Enter playlist name using your remote or accept the default name.
11. When finished, Select Done. The new playlist is created. The Added pop-up appears.
12. Select
to play now or

My list (In AllShare Play)

Recently played
file." message appears.
list can have up to 48 files. The files are arranged so that the most currently played files
main screen, select Videos, Photos, or
menu using your remote,
Add to
Add to Playlist
screen appears.
Create a new playlist.
screen appears.
to play later.
English - 139
list, and the USB device is not connected or the file is not found,
on the left side of the screen.
mark appears in the check box.
All. To cancel a selection, select the file again.


Table of Contents

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