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7 series led tv monitor (mfm tv).
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Other Information
If the product is too far away
from the laptop computer,
the playback performance of
the product will deteriorate
How can I access the
extended video feature in WiDi
In WiDi mode, the mouse
pointer seems to move slowly.
I want to change the size of
the WiDi screen.
How can I obtain the WiDi
software driver?
When I change the screen
resolution, I experience
temporary interference on the
I cannot resize the video
screen on the product with
the WiDi Programme on my
laptop computer.
I have searched for available
WiDi adapters on my laptop
but cannot establish a
The full HD (1920 X 1080)
video displays blurry
Solutions and Explanations
It is recommended maintaining the ideal distance between them.
If the product supports 1080p HD video but your laptop computer does not, you can
still play a 1080p HD video on the product. To take advantage of the extended video
(1080p HD) feature in WiDi mode, follow the steps below:
1. Use the Windows key + P key combination on the keyboard to select Extend. This
will switch the mode to Extended Desktop mode.
2. Change the screen resolution to 1920x1080 for the extended desktop mode.
3. Move the video player to the extended desktop screen.
4. Maximize the video player screen before playing the 1080p video source.
Since WiDi will have a 0.3 second delay in processing the signal, you may encounter
a slower reaction of the keyboard and the mouse. In a mode that requires a faster
reaction such as a PC game, use a wired connection such as PC/HDMI mode rather
than WiDi.
In WiDi mode, only the original size of the video source is supported.
Consult with the manufacturer of your laptop computer. The software driver
downloaded from the Intel ® homepage may not work properly. For more information
about the specifications, the latest software driver and other related tools, contact the
manufacturer of your laptop computer.
If you change the screen resolution in WiDi mode, you may encounter temporary
interference on the screen.
The resizing menu of the WiDi Programme is only enabled with a separate external
WiDi adapter. The product is not compliant with the adapter.
WiDi can be greatly affected by the wireless communications environment. This is
why you may encounter a connection failure from time to time. Please try again in a
WiDi by its nature, displays the video in a downsized resolution. To improve the
sharpness, contact the manufacturer of your laptop computer for the latest software
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Table of Contents

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