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7 series led tv monitor (mfm tv).
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Advanced Features
Read this information before using AllShare Play with a USB device.
Restriction and Caution
ΠBefore connecting your device to the product, please back up your files to prevent them from damage or loss of
data. SAMSUNG is not responsible for any data file damage or data loss.
ΠConnect a USB HDD to the dedicated USB (HDD 5V 1A) port.
ΠDo not disconnect a USB device while it is being read by the product.
ΠIf you connect a USB device with a USB extension cable, the product may not recognize the USB device or
read the files on the device.
ΠIf a USB device you connect to the product is not recognized, the files on the device are corrupted, or a file in
the list is not played, connect the USB device to a PC, format the device, re-copy the files to the device, and
then try playing again.
ΠIf a file you deleted from the PC is still found when you run
on the PC to permanently delete the file.
ΠIf your PC cannot construct a functional database of saved files on a USB device because there is no free space
on the USB device, you may not be able to view any new files you have added, even though you have saved
these files to the USB device.
Supported Devices
ΠCertain types of USB Digital camera and audio devices may not be compatible with this product.
AllShare Play
supports only USB Mass Storage Class (MSC) devices. MSC is a Mass Storage Class Bulk-Only
Transport device. Examples of MSC include Thumb drives, Flash Card Readers and USB HDD (USB HUB are
not supported). Devices should be connected directly to the product's USB port.
ΠMore than 3TB USB HDD is not supported.
ΠIf more than 2 PTP (Picture Transfer Protocol) devices are connected, you can only use one at a time.
ΠIf more than two MSC devices are connected, some of the devices may not be recognized.
ΠA USB device that requires high power (more than 500mA or 5V) may not be supported.
ΠIf the product has no input during the time set in
ΠThe power-saving mode of some external hard disk drives may be released automatically when you connect
them to the product.
Hub, use the "Empty the Recycle Bin" function
Auto Protection
Time, the Screensaver will run.
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Table of Contents

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