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Web Browser - SAMSUNG LED TV MONITOR User Manual

7 series led tv monitor (mfm tv).
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Other Information

Web Browser

1. To open
Browser, select
2. The
Web Browser
is not compatible with a Java application.
3. When attempted to download a file, but the file could not be saved and an error message appeared.
4. Access may be blocked to some websites or to web browsers operated by certain businesses.
5. Playback of Flash video may be restricted.
6. E-commerce, for purchasing products online, is not supported.
7. Scrolling a web page that allows only part (and not the whole) of the page to be scrolled may cause corrupted
8. ActiveX is not supported.
9. Some options cannot be accessed in
10. Some text may appear corrupted because the number of supported fonts is limited.
11. The response to a command on the remote or the screen display may be delayed temporarily if a web page is
currently loading.
12. The loading of a web page may delay or stop with some operating systems.
13. Copy and Paste are not supported.
14. When writing emails or posting messages, some functions (Such as changing the size or colours.) may not be
15. The number of bookmarks and logs that can be saved is limited.
16. The maximum number of windows that can open at the same time may vary depending on the browsing condition
or product model.
17. The web browsing speed depends on the network conditions.
18. PIP will automatically be deactivated if a video is played in the browser. Videos may not commence playback after
PIP interruption and a possible refresh for the page may be required.
19. The Web Browser can play MP3 audio files only.
20. The function for importing or exporting bookmarks is compatible with bookmark files in a particular file format only.
(Compatible format: Netscape-bookmarkfile- 1)
21. When you import or export the bookmark, the folder tree is not included.
22. If you import the bookmark file to a Computer from a product, the bookmark file will be saved in "Samsung SmartTV
Bookmark" folder.
23. If the time is not set in the menu
24. Visited web site history is saved in chronological order and It will be removed from the list according to oldest page
25. Some video or audio content may not play during Flash playback depending on the video/audio codec supported.
Web Browser
in the
Link Browsing
mode. (To access such options, switch to
→ Clock), the history information may not be saved.
English - 173
Hub. The
Web Browser
may be displayed differently with
Pointer Browsing


Table of Contents

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