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Brightness Control; Stop Functioning Of The Hard Disk; Adjusting The Volume - Casio Cassiopeia MPC-205 User Manual

Casio cassiopeia mpc-205: users guide
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t Brightness control
You can adjust the brightness of
LCD monitor.
Adjust the brightness of LCD
monitor by dragging the control
bar. After adjusting it, click the
"Save the user mode" to save the
items of the "LCD monitor
setting" in the "Setting of power management" described before. If you
do not save the setting, the LCD monitor is displayed in the brightness
previously set in the "LCD monitor setting" of the "Setting of power
management" when you restart the unit.
• Also, you can adjust the brightness of LCD monitor using the hot key
y Stop functioning of the hard disk
This setting stops functioning the hard disk when the hard disk is not
used. So, you can prolong the using time of the battery pack because
the power to the hard disk is reduced. Even after the function of the
hard disk stopped, the hard disk resumes functioning when the access
to the hard disk occurs.
u Adjusting the volume
You can adjust the volume for the speaker. Adjust
the volume by dragging the control bar. When you
put the check mark
"mute", the sound is muted.
• Also, you can adjust the volume using the hot
key combinations such as "
or "
combinations such as "
)" or "
in the check box of the


Table of Contents

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