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Casio cassiopeia mpc-205: users guide
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Using the floppy disk drive
The optional USB compatible floppy disk drive (MPC-240FDD) is
available for this unit. The two types of floppy disk can be used with this
unit. One is 2DD floppy disk with the amount of 720 KB and the other is
2HD floppy disk with the amount of 1.44 MB. (For details, see the manual
that comes with the floppy disk drive.)
Connecting the floppy disk drive allows you to store data and to copy
data to other computer.
The access lamp on the floppy disk drive lights while data is being
written to or recalled from a disk. Never remove the floppy disk from the
drive while the access lamp is lit. Doing so may cause malfunction of
the floppy disk drive or corruption of data.
• When using the floppy disk that is not formatted for the Windows,
formatting is required. However, the disk cannot be formatted to the
disk with the amount of 1.2 MB.
• Once the disk is formatted, all data stored in the floppy disk is erased.
Be careful when formatting the disk.
• The floppy disk that is formatted on other computer may not be used.
• The 2HD floppy disk that is formatted in the 2DD type cannot be
used, and vice versa. Use a floppy disk that is formatted correctly.
To write protect a floppy disk
Floppy disks have a write protect tab that you can use to protect the
data on them from accidental deletion or change.
Connect the MPC-240FDD
to the USB port of this unit.
Write protect tab
Data cannot be written to
or deleted from the disk.
Data can be written to
the disk.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents