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Using A Pc Card - Casio Cassiopeia MPC-205 User Manual

Casio cassiopeia mpc-205: users guide
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Using a PC Card

Using a PC Card
FIVA has one PC Card Standard PCMCIA TYPE II PC card slot (including
card compatible with the Card BUS).
You can use a PC card to connect various peripherals such as the CD-
ROM drive or scanner, etc. Almost of all PC cards can be inserted or
removed while the power of the unit is turned on. For the detail of using
the PC card, see the manual that comes with the PC card.
• Long term use of PC card that generates a lot of heat can cause
unstable card operation and malfunction and also can create the
danger of burns.
• Never insert or remove a PC card while an application is running.
• Never insert or remove a PC card while the unit is in the Sleep Mode
such as the Hibernation Mode or Standby Mode. Doing so may cause
data to be erased.
• If you set the unit to the Sleep Mode or Hibernation Mode while a
device connected to the PC card is in use, the unit may lock up when
recovering. To prevent data from being erased or the unit from
unexpectedly malfunctioning, you are recommended to select the
Close all applications before entering Standby or Hibernation
• When using a PC card that is not compatible with the hot insertion
function, insert or remove the PC card after turning off the power of
the unit.
You can use the "Product Recovery CD-ROM" that comes with FIVA to
restore the hard disk. Use the optional CD-ROM drive (MPC-142CDD)
that is for using a PC card.
Removing a PC card
Before removing a PC card from the slot, first click the Mobile Cockpit
PC Card button (
the PC card. Also, make sure that an application or system is not running.
The PC card can be inserted or removed even when the power of this
unit is turned on or off, but not when the unit is in the Sleep Mode.
) and disable PC card operation and then remove


Table of Contents

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