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Connecting To The Modem Port - Casio Cassiopeia MPC-205 User Manual

Casio cassiopeia mpc-205: users guide
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Connecting to the modem port

The built-in 56kbps modem provides a high-speed data communication
and facsimile transmission/reception capabilities. (The actual
communication speed depends on the local line conditions, etc.) You
can use this function by connecting the modular cable to the modem
The built-in modem can be connected to the general telephone line
(analog). It cannot be connected directly to the digital line (the ISDN
circuit, etc.). Also, it cannot be connected to the line for a home telephone
or office telephone which uses the telephone switchboard. When
connecting to the ISDN circuit, the optional terminal adaptor (TA), dial-
up rooter, etc. is also necessary. After connecting, setting the software
is necessary in order to perform the connection for communication via
the telephone or facsimile line.
Modular cable
1. Confirm that the power of this unit is turned off.
Connecting or disconnecting the modular cable should be performed
after turning off the power.
2. Open the lid of the modem port and insert one end of the modular
cable securely until it clicks.
• Do not transport the unit when the modular cable is connected to the
modem port. It causes a damage of the modem port or the
disconnection of the modular cable.
• When you make a dial-up connection to the pulse system telephone
line using the built-in modem, it may malfunction and call up a wrong
phone number unintentionally and fail to connect to the correct phone
number. To avoid this, do not start up an application that causes
frequent accesses to the hard disk. Also, do not connect the
peripherals or access them before completing the dial-up connection.



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